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  1. If I am playing on Sky 'O Love and the map is restarted then the game will crash. Currently avoiding this requires that I disconnect from the current game, wait for the host to restart, then reconnect.
  2. If you use enrage auras on Misty you'll sometimes get ogres pushed out of the valid mapspace. They'll then walk right past your defenses and straight to the crystal.
  3. Another method is to cap weapons/armour separately, instead of both factoring into each other's demise. That works too! Weapons should cap at 20% of the drops. Can we get this in 7.17, Trendy?
  4. Ok, partial credit. After finishing NMHC Glit and Summit again it unlocked. It's still not recording statistics for NM Summit, though.
  5. Your game may be different, or something. Obviously. That's why I'm posting in the Tech Support forum. lol
  6. Yes it is required and that is your problem. Also you just have to get them all done with nightmare HC checked. You are wrong on both counts. Glit isn't part of the campaign, and the achievement was completable before hardcore mode was implemented. Also, this still does not fix the problem of my Summit stats going unrecorded.
  7. Glitterhelm's not required, and yes I have finished the entire campaign on HCNM. Today I racked up another Summit completion that didn't register, and finally bothered with the Skin of your Teeth achievement. This is now the very last achievement I have left to do. At least until the Valentines day DLC is out.
  8. I completed Summit on Nightmare with Immortal for the fifth or sixth time, but the statistics still think I've never played it. The purple badge with the shield on it is there so there must be some sort of record stored, but the Hardcore Mythic Defender achievement isn't unlocking. (Yes, I do have Immortal on Nightmare on all other campaign levels.) I have no idea what's causing this, let alone how to fix it. Little help?
  9. I got to wave 28 of NMMMHC Misty last night before the host crashed. At the end of every single wave there were somewhere around 100 weapons lying around, but only 2 or 3 pieces of armor. This is a serious problem, as armor is where most of a player's stats come from. Please, Trendy! Re-balance the drop removal system to spare armor, not weapons.
  10. Huntresses are the weakest class in the game. Poor survivability, tepid damage, towers too situational to be of much use, etc... Also, monks need some more love. As of right now, beside for ensnare, and enrage, they are useless. The problem with monks is that only Aura Range and Aura Life are all that useful. Aura Damage boosts the effects a little, but the difference between a 20% speed ensnare and a 15% speed ensnare isn't that big a deal. Aura effect rate just plain does absolutely nothing for most of the auras. This all contributes to Lit auras being so underused. With damage an
  11. It's not that it won't save, its that I can't even change what it says. All the key selection boxes are acting like read-only text boxes.
  12. Yes, I am talking about the launcher as well. I can't rebind keys anywhere.
  13. Sadly, I can't even change a single key. Rhytech: This problem emerged with the patch. That doesn't mean it's a bug in the patch, but it does suggest that the patch was involved. For all I know it somehow set my config files to read-only.
  14. Both the configuration system and the in-game options menu no longer allow me to change how my keys are configured. Attempting to change a binding simply gets no response from the interface. Verified cache to no result.
  15. Any time they add new key bindings in a patch the keybindings get reset. This is nothing new. No, what's NEW is that you can't REbind your keys anymore. At least, I can't.
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