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  1. is this not true?LOL! wow you are under sony mind control for sure.
  2. u came on here just to tell me to correct my punctuation pffff go find something better to do with ur timeDude... There is this thing called punctuation. Learn it. Use it. Love it.
  3. thank you somebody that makes since i mean seriously if its a money problem just bundle them ill gladly fork over money for them all i dont mind waiting either its just the fact we are left in the dark about the stuff the main thing i want is the new characters but i doubt we will even get them and the fact that an admin or dev or what ever wont give me the courtesy just telling me something just to shut me up also annoys me
  4. my laptop is new just weak on processor only 1ghz i didnt buy the laptop it was a gift so yea but anyways why is that other ****ty games that dont sell well at all can get on psn and xbl with dlc at that but 4 some reason this game seems to be having trouble doing it this is just one of those cases were they are either lazy or just dont care
  5. all i want is some info thats all dont wanna feel like i wasted my money i dont have a gaming pc and i dont wanna go buy one just to play dungeon defenders -_-
  6. This made me laugh. It's a problem for both console companies. If anything, Sony (or if you insist on talking like a 10 year old, $ony) is worse than Microsoft for this. If you wanted a constantly updated game with strong player support, you don't choose the console version of that game. since when has sony ever been accused of being money hungry and to deny that microsoft is not is just...................smh
  7. i think it because of micro$oft trendy tyring to be fair and release dlc for both xbox and ps3 at the same time but ofc micro$oft is screwing it up as usual so instead of letting ps3 get it first they just gonna wait until its they get a final deal with xbl then everybody gets dlc so as to be fair to console owners
  8. dungeon defenders seriously lacking on consoles i mean don't get me wrong i love the game but wow im starting to think i wasted my money buying it on my ps3 hardly any dlc and the dlc we did get didn't even come with a level cap increase i mean.......... this really sucks i have money set aside just for dungeon defenders but im so tempted to go spend else were dlc taking for to long to get to us how long u guys think we gonna keep playing this game i see new characters and costumes getting to pc almost every month but for ps3 its just like ughhhh here ya go whatever..... can i get some word on
  9. ohhhh ok i just wanted to know if we were getting some dlc u cleared that right up for me thanks There are processes for both consoles which make releasing content take longer than PC. So we basically have two choices, wait and not release content for anything until months down the line when we can finally release the first one for everything, or release some stuff for PC while preparing the main DLC content for simultaneous release (hopefully) with the other content that made it to PC first eventually coming out for content. We figure the latter way is the best plan, since it means everyone
  10. ill gladly pay for dlc personally keeps a game going far after u have become bored with it i dont know whos at fault here *sigh*dont blam trendy blam the dam company behind your consule
  11. well im on ps3 so i still dont see the problem you have to realise microsoft dont let just let them put DLC up on xbox 360 straight away it can take months for microsoft to give the okay. Not only that but they dont let them put Free DLC either.
  12. i just want costumes and characters all maps feel the same to me anywaysPlay warping core, now imagine if they turned that mode on for all your maps. Now see how you feel about paying them to turn that mode on for all your maps.
  13. i keep seeing all this new dlc for pc but no consoles i mean this really sucks bad u guyz gotta stop leaving us out of the loop here we need something guyz geez i mean new characters and costumes and stuff not something like free pets plzzz!!!!!!!!!
  14. So you ignored EVERY post up until mine, which was obviously sarcastic. Go reread the parts where we explain that it is, in fact, "that hard" to "upload some costumes" as dlc. I mean, "geez illiterate whiner cmon". until sarcasm font is created ur gonna have to be alot more clear when u are using sarcasm its not like anybody can tell from ur post i mean geez cmon
  15. No one owns a PS3. Because it has no games. i do and last time i checked we have alot more exclusive games then 360 but im not here to start a console war i just want dlc like pc owners it cant be that hard to upload some costumes as dlc i mean geez ppl cmon
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