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  1. @Vagnar quote:Way I see it... This is what they do for a living. They want us to play. They'll listen. They have to prioritize though, and that's an internal thing based on way more data than just us on the forums. They'll definitely lose some players due to impatience, but they gotta do whatever to keep as many unique players invested. Idk if Steam charts provide that data. It shows concurrent players, but does it show how many unique accounts log in over various time periods? This game isn't an MMO or competitive, so I'd imagine their expectations for amount of people playing simultaneous
  2. Returning player here; couple quick questions... 1) So a "hero card" is an extra hero slot, and you get one when you buy a hero? Hope so, because I know 6 slots isn't gonna be enough for multiple roles... 2) I have 3000 gems from the early-access deal or whatever it was. It looks like they also gave me some extra bags and stuff. If I were gonna spend that 3000 on two heroes, which would be the best to buy? I was thinking EV2 and Summoner, because I generally like winning with tower defenses. Plus I figured the DPS from Huntress and EV2 would be enough. Would the Mystic or Lavamancer be a bette
  3. It is kinda crazy how much more active the development seemed for DD1 compared to DD2. I haven't played that much, and I just came back after about a year, so I still have to go through the campaign and everything. But I was surprised to see that the devs didn't have a Halloween-themed event going on; I figured they would keep doing the holiday events like they did with DD1. That was a cool way to mix things up and get some new loot. It also didn't look like there were very many new game modes, and I was surprised that there were only a few more heroes added. If the game just officially launch
  4. I just came back after a year or so and noticed a problem I don't remember having before. Whenever I try to create a new game (via the War Table) or return to the Tavern/Hub, the first try always fails. I can't remember the exact error message, but I think it's that "Can't find game/match" one. So it basically times out, gives me that error message, and then if I try to enter a game or return to tavern, it will usually work on the second try (although sometimes it the error message pops up again, but the client initiates the request after a few more seconds). Anyone else experiencing this? It'
  5. Just checking in here... Haven't played since June or so; has this issue been fixed so that the FOV is either adjustable in-game or with a config tweak via the .ini file yet?
  6. To get the ball rolling, here's an old tweaking reference (originally for UT3) with a bunch of Unreal Engine INI parameters, some of which still work for DD2: http://www.tweakguides.com/UT3_7.html Remember though; not all Unreal Engine INI parameters will work for every game, even if they appear inside the INI files by default; it just depends on what Trendy utilized when creating the game. That being said, though, there are some ways to tweak the graphics, performance and UX in "unintended" ways, not to mention all the "supported" parameters available... Check out the following couple pages b
  7. Can we get a console command or INI tweak to change the FOV, please? The default FOV is so narrow it's making my head and eyes hurt. (Note: It goes without saying that we'd expect to have a FOV slider in the actual GUI, at some point. But for now, all we're asking for is the correct console command or INI tweak that will allow us to change it, which I'm almost sure is possible.) See this post for more details: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/116470/way-to-change-fov-or-what-getting-to-the-point-i-cant-play-anymore
  8. Come on, Trendy... Give us a heads-up, here. When you've got more than one third-party site that's claiming motion sickness and nausea with DD2, that should be a clear sign it's an issue that needs to be addressed: https://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/624076851200051295/ http://sol-three.com/solving-motion-blur-fov-problems-in-dungeon-defenders-2/ And hey, I'm not even necessarily asking for your dev team to patch in a fix, at least not right away. But it would take a CM just a couple minutes to shoot an email off to the tech guys and find out how the FOV can be changed (
  9. I posted a request for some technical info in a recent thread (including this request about changing the FOV), but it's been a week now with no responses. Other issues aside, the one thing I really need to figure out is how we can change the field-of-view in DD2. The default FOV is just way too narrow for some people like me; playing the game for more than 20 or 30 minutes starts to make my eyes hurt and gives me headache or dizzy feeling. I know that sounds dramatic as all hell, but I wouldn't have believed it myself unless I experienced it. I've already found out how to disable some of the
  10. Boy, I probably spent 10 hours (out of the 800 I racked up in DD1) just exploring .ini tweaks and customizing the performance just right for my rig... I'm wondering if one of the techies at Trendy — or just someone who knows a lot about Unreal Engine parameters — could give us some info about "what does what," as far as some of the most useful tweaks are concerned... It looks like a lot of the parameters within the various .ini files located inside the "\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config" folder are the same as they were in the original, which I assume is because of
  11. Heh, no way they're gonna miss out on revenue from accounts and IPs that were banned in the original. Cheating is serious business for gaming companies, unless it comes to losing money. And hey, I'm not just picking on Trendy, here; what the OP suggested isn't the way the majority of gaming studios would do business, either. That's just the way she goes...
  12. Wow, and not only do you have to beat the EV's within the remaining time, but they also don't show up on the map. I lost the second time just because I couldn't find the last two before time ran out. Yeah I'm wondering if this might actually be a bug, since similar mission units usually do show up on the map when a time limit is involved... I almost lost the challenge on Medium, of all modes, because it took me about 5 or 6 minutes to find the last, single EV remaining. I think they should either be visible on the map or have better pathfinding to seek out the player...
  13. Anyone find the pattern? Any weapons I upgrade in elemental damage only do (on tavern dummy) the same amount of elemental damage as the weapon's elemental attack... so if I get the elemental damage to 60k, it only does 60k/hit. This ends up being TONS lower than generic damage upgrades. I haven't tried any of the weapons listed here yet, but some of the comments made it sound like those weapons don't always give high elemental damage. The specific ones listed always do, as long as this isn't a "bug" that's been patched yet. One way you can test it is by simply auto-firing the staff on
  14. Thanks for the promo; trying to win a copy for my sister... Cheers!
  15. Just to confirm, this layout can be done solo on NM? Without any other of your own characters, I mean? Also, could you post a few screenshots to get us by until the DD Planner is updated? Maybe a shot of the overall map layout, and a closeup of each area? Thanks!
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