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  1. I have returned to the game after like three years from it, and I'm starting fresh. I'm, however, having a bit of a hard time deciding on which four to level up first. I'm going with Abyss Lord as it reminds me of the Summer (fav in the first game), and I'm thinking of adding the Gunwitch. I have been trying to look up guides to each of the classes, telling me how good there are and anything else but no luck. So tell me who pairs well with the Abyss Lord and/or Gunwitch and feel free to tell me who your favorite four are.
  2. I have all the characters in the game and I would like to know which heroes work great together. Mostly the buildings, like a Squire's Spiky shield with the Apprentice Fire Tower. This is mostly for the new characters on here, like the Lavemaster or the Mystic. So, any suggests?
  3. Every time I try to put down them, there won't. The only time it can be placed is when it at the max number there can be. I see other be able to place their beams down. So, why can't I.?
  4. When I selections A map by the ranges of PW it drop. But when I go by the highest green power levels once I either get items that all have thumbs down or gear that to high lever for me to use. I suggest you put switch out the what power the item in a map drop with what lever there would be so It easier for new player to tell what map would give them the item there need
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