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  1. I grinded aquanos so hard when it first came out, would love to do it again XD
  2. Can't wait for this event, every time a skeleton boss spawns me and my mate start spouting some ***ty memes, should be great.
  3. I've seen the jade dragon ability where it shoots the homing missles (no idea what its called i havn't got one yet) and it seems to do heaps of damage, is it the best ability for single target damage?
  4. I've been experimenting with this, getting around 12% defense crit chance and 7k crit damage, it can clear the waves at nm3, does it scale well into nm4 or is it a waste of time? This is non uber slot btw.
  5. What i did was do the first 2 waves of the highest difficulty i could do, which is probs nm1-2 for you, you get some drops, probs a decent weapon and some armour, use those items to clear later waves, rinse and repeat till you have good gear and can clear the map. Using that technique im up to Ip 500, so ye..
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