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  1. Sorry if this doesn't quite fit here. I probably don't have nearly the investment in this game you all do, having just played since the previous summer sale, but as me and a friend have played co-op from Wells to UD over the past few months, I admit we have seen our use out of the genie. But I was thinking about it when reading the notes and thought of something. Right now the Genie is so useful mostly because it not only trivializes the upgrade process, but it lets you do it regardless of how much mana actually drops. This is a big deal because right now mana despawns, and on NMHC, and any high enemy count map, it despawns fast. I've actually seen mana despawn before it even finishes animating out of a dead enemy. But the Genie is, right now, a fair bit overpowered. As a example I checked something out. Doing Moonbase, 1 crystal style, using chest mana to build and doing no upgrades the first wave, I did two runs of the second wave. The first run was done with no pet at all, just picking up whatever mana dropped and spending it asap, with no particular aim on what I was upgrading, just burning it so I could pick up more. In total, I picked up 3961 Mana in this wave. Here's the thing though, if every single piece of mana dropped and didn't despawn, it would be in total 6388 mana if I'm doing the enemy math right. Even if only the 50 and 500 clusters remained, with the 1, 10, and 25s despawning, it'd still be 5350 mana. So on a early wave, with only 100 enemies, half of all the dropped mana is lost and wasted. In comparison though, that same wave, with same build, and same enemies, using a Lupine Bow with a Okish Genie, followed by picking up what was left on the floor post-wave (but picking none up during the wave) produced 15139 mana. Nearly 5x as much as the no-genie variant, and 2.5-3x as much as a optimal all-drop would generate. And I'm not even good at swirling, I bet someone who is could do twice that much. That does show how strong the current genie is, but if the mana drop was made to where we could, at the least, get the 50 and 500 clusters to not despawn, and then up the genie's base return, it could fix the glitch and still give a sizable mana return. Of course very good genies would minimize how much floor mana you'd need, but this would let altered weaker genies still have a secondary source you would just have to work with. It'd also mean people could use Skills in Combat after upgrades are done easier, since collection would be easier.
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