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  1. In order to get the nightmare mode, I have to put money up front for 3 DLC's that don't have release dates, or any information on them whatsoever. I do not want to put money up for something that might not ever make it. Trendy, for all those who have already purchased it, and for all those who might purchase it in the future, what is your guarantee on this product? -When are the planned release dates? -If something happens and the DLCs never make it, what is your refund policy on the money already paid? -Is there a guarantee on quality? IE: Not just pushing a crap DLC to get t
  2. Except somebody who has low gear and is doing hard summit isn't going to stand a chance in insane survival which is why I was talking about med/hard survival which gives absolute crap rewards. From what I hear if you can do insane survival you can also start (not complete) UMF for really fast mana also, but I'm not there yet, I'm at almost the same place as the OP. The best thing I can do for mana is hard glitterhelm. Insane survival on Alch Labs doesn't really require 'uber' gear until you hit wave 15 which is when the DEWs come into play. Even then, it doesn't require 'uber' gear. If yo
  3. Insane Survival Alch Labs nets me anywhere between 1 to 3 million mana per wave. If you don't make any mana doing this, you are doing something wrong.
  4. Don't know if it's just me, but has anybody else noticed the ensnare aura depleting at about twice the speed of the other auras?
  5. Screenshot No need. I was watching the stream as well and Skit hit 105K and some change with his VW post nerf.
  6. This guy is good. Quick through Insane Assault, friendly and helpful. If you have the mana, use his service, you won't regret it :)
  7. If you're still doing this, I'd be interested in a few runs of Insane Assault. Steam ID is JRock4XL
  8. For instance, I'd love to do the level/challenge where you get the High Five, but I have no idea which one to do to get it. Does anybody have a list of stuff like that? http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/PC_Challenges
  9. Okay , since clearly too many people are thinking the squire should keep being able to solo things , here is an optimal build , of a squire & apprentice conjunction-ed defense MMT Harpoon spike barricade this build , is a 2 player coop defensive act , that should work fairly well , I am explaining this , because you squires are so used to show off to your friends with the ability to solo EVERYTHING when the game was meant for COOP. explanation of my poor sense because this defense seems stupid? The spike barricade , now armed with higher amounts of HP , is meant for well , de
  10. stop raging kid, that wasn't an insult what i said, just told him that was how all the app tower spec build were before. They dont suck, seriously, those 2 turrets are multitarget turrets, suppose to hit more than 1, its the same thing u compare to a Lightning tower doing 600 dmg per second, but it has a chain lightning to hit multiple enemys, increasing the dps output... BEFORE the patch, app towers were completely useless, there was none u could use to help the team, because all the tower squires would beat. AS YOU CAN SEE, all people crying saying they were doing 5k+ bowler damage per
  11. equation information DPS = damage*number of shots reduced number of shots by 25% reduced damage by 33% DPS = damage*(100-33)/100*number of shots*(100-25)/100 DPS = damage * number of shots * 0.67 * 0.75 DPS = damage * number of shots * 0.5025 this means you lost ((1-0.5025)*100 )% , or , if you are lazy , 49.75% of your DPS The Damage for one shot. A single shot has been reduced by 50%. My towers were doing 3300 damage per shot with 160 points in tower damage before 7.06. A single shot from them now does 1600 damage with the same 160 points in tower damage. There is no dam
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