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  1. The wall bug is a myth just bad placement\lazy builds When you use viperwalls it could happen that bubbled enemies landed on top of others that pushed in behind them and then glided over the walls. I always saw that as risk for far superior cc it offered compared to other walls except drakemaw
  2. Thats kinda strange since dd2 was known for its well tested and functioning patches. It was unforseeable that a game that was broken for several years in alpha would not be fixed perfectly with one rushed patch. Sorry for your inconvenience please buy some skins to support. END CYNIC RANT Its sad to hear that the launch is having problems like this since it probably means the end of the game. What is left is the thought of what this game couldve been
  3. Hallo cyrian. Ich spiele schon seit einer weile nicht mehr, werde aber heute das update runterladen und warscheinlich 2-3 abende die woche zocken falls das spieles wieder wert ist. Meine steamid müsste auf dem forumprofil verknüpft sein
  4. As far as i know they removed rollerrockets damage to anything but heroes. When i afked c4 i was often standing in the middle of my towers with no hp investment and never seen any point of damage from all the rockets. It might be a bug or other strange splash damage
  5. Just want to refresh your memories about the OP for those of you that say you can get by with other towers. You probably fall into this category. You can outsmart flying kobolds. Its always using the strange aggro they have of just diving into the nearest tower even when not on half hp (remember kobolds diving into proton beams). This still works with fissures since they are a tower, if you dont want to rely on them diving into solid ground place your anti air stuff behind your blockades so kobolds dive into blockades before they get hit by your towers. Once they get hit by something they wi
  6. Ok i stopped halfway through to be honest, but it seems your complaint is that you cannot leech maxed gear off other hard working people and skip 90% of the game just because you want to feel strong and clear the hardest content without investing time in it. This may sound a bit harsh but since this is one of the biggest problems this game has, and also it is the reason that public games are as horrible as they are, im really glad that leeching has been reduced. Some people still not get it and join NM5 games after just completing campaign but whatever. On your point of time investment in the
  7. The multiplayer scaling is really insane and i hope they reduce it by 50% or so. For the complaints about hp not being viable, it still is the same. Most towers got a dmg buff and enemies were buffed to compensate, the crit speed power builds outdamage the ones with hp by far, but thats how it should be since its higher risk in most cases. Also when you say the meta is narrow right now i have the feeling you never played it until the trials patch, because it clearly is the most diverse patch for defenses as far as i remember. The hero viabilty in c5 has takeb some hits because not many have th
  8. Well i guess it differs from person to person, for example i didnt like how ridiculous the defenses and hero/pet dps was in dd1. Also i like games that punish you hard when you make mistakes ( strange mobaggro and wallignoring are really annoying though). The point where dd1 outshines dd2 the most for me is the pets and weapons and all their unique looks and abilities. In dd2 every weapon feels the same to me and pets are just an extra ability. The only glimpse was armored cleanser pre aoe nerf and the betsy weapons
  9. I get your point of view, i havent played much myself, i can barely build c5 right now. But to me slower progression and rare loot are a positive change to the game, people are just used to having everything from the get go and dont want to try hard to get powerful. And trust me the numbers of people with maxed c5 gear are ridiculous. Also people dont seem to remember the tremendous grindfest that was dd1, yes you hav more variety and i liked pets and weapons better in dd1, and in total ddq is still way more polished than dd2 but it keeps getting better and better
  10. The forum just ate my elaborate post 2 times in a row so im gonna cut it short. I can do C5 solo, anyone feel free to add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015550200/
  11. Once you get the timing right on when to abyssknight on yourself to stun them it gets a lot easier. I practiced it in a situation like yours, since theres endless attacks coming and no risl of loosing unless you get to close to the core. Now i can sometimes even time the huntress stun grenade thingies so that they hit the first assasin that latches onto me. Next few with sparkle party bit you are still reliant on your defenses disabling them and some heals (mystic coil unless you are abysslord) Congrats on your win
  12. there is something like "unstuck" that helps you out when you are stuck in your defenses or somewhwre between. Its been over a year since i used it so im not sure about the wording
  13. Maybe you have to get the new stuff at the mailbox in the tavern. When i bought stuff that is where i needed to "activate" it before i got it in the game
  14. Thanks for the clarification and the suggestion
  15. Lately i have lost too many matches to a spearthrower that pierces the walls and kills my core, so i decidet to play around with reflect beams. Firs of all, boy they crit hard, but the attackspeed is crap so not really good as dmg defense, but it will still deflect projectiles ans save me from the spears right? Wrong. About half the time i tried to observe the reflecting ability, it went straight through there. Be it Javelins, Malthius projectiles, Griblok bombs. I never used the reflect beam before, but was it always like this? Do the EMP Orcs disable the reflect function? Help a brother out
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