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  1. When ppl do hack items, they take a normal item they looted, upgrade it and then reset the upgrade lvl without reseting the stats. A way to see that the item has been done this way is to check the pricetag for NPCing the item, as the item will get more stats then it had from the first place, it will have a higher value for the NPC. Donno but myself has never seen an item drop with 30m in NPC value.
  2. "Fantasmagore" by Fantasmagore Cant help to see the symbol in the middle there o,o
  3. just a week ago I did exactly the same here, had gear with max 37 stats or so Farmed insane throneroom / gitter untill lvl 74, lvl your App first Then go to endless spire NM, use 3 deadly strikers and walls for first wave, loot chest, more deadly strikers and wall, fail on wave to Repeat untill you can do more waves, gear will have 60+ stats and you can upgrade them. Then do it HC same as before, you will then start getting 80+ stats Then after that, you are set for most things :P Mystmire NM is pretty easy to solo untill the boss. and there you get 100+ stats, when you have those it
  4. "I bought this car, so everytime a new soundsystem comes out I should be able to get it for free as long as I got the receipt" Those greedy greedy workers demanding 4 euro from the players! How chould they expect ppl to afford food that week they buy the DLC? Just close this thread, there are less logic in it then christianity
  5. Why does something need to be harder? You can simulate difficulty better yourself by handicapping yourself. Because no matter how difficult you make it, at some point it will become to easy due to you knowing what to expect. Ergo instead of asking for an extra nightmare mode, put your good gear into the bank and take on some crappy gear again, it has the same effect. Yeah I bet all the grinding games works out that way. "You finished Molten core, just take of the gear you got from it and redo it" Damn Blizzard was stupid that made all those expansions, so much money and time wasted when
  6. In that case swith to open and you will see it. The whole reason I went to ranked is because every other level 30 you came accross was doing 4 million dps due to editors I am just giving ppl a stupid challange like the threadmaker :P
  7. I can do 1mil dps with no other class buffs and without fireing at all! 9 MM towers with apprentice guardian should do it...better make it 12 since only 6 get the buff That isnt the deal, you allso have to be lvl 30
  8. If you do 1,000,000 dps without gear, then make a video and brag about it
  9. The fun things is, it is easyer to hack your own items then to buy them for real money... Really dont understand how ppl are stupid enough to spend real money on it
  10. Bear in mind that Blood Rage lowers your defense and is only for Squire, CTA boosts defense and speed and the damage boost is AoE, not just for the player. That I know and bet most others know to :P but many ppl are soloing alot and then most dont want to lose to much dps
  11. I tried out both now with the same gear and I found out this. Countess with her CTA used - 900k dps (got it to 1.1m dps) Squire with Bloodrage - 1.5k dps So looks like she is trash compared to him Edit: found out a way to make her hit 4 times everytime, donno if others allready knew that :P But by doing so she does same dps as he does.
  12. My point was his items were complete rubbish, they wasent even godly they looked like items from medium. not 1 stat was over 40, on each item. his pet was a hunt guardian with 5 boost. and he dident even have a wep on. plus how can you report them :/ theres nothing to highlight or point out to a dev. Donno how good trendynet are on doing things, but they should be able to see the hidden stats in the coding, so just report like normaly. Think I had a host useing those hacked items, but you chould tell by his overview stats, they was just a chain of numbers, he had 180m hp, MM towers did o
  13. Only way to be ligal is to not use the afkstore system at all. You buy good stuff = big chance hacked or obtained by someone used hacked item or obtained by someone that got good gear by someone who farmed that gear with help of hacked items You sell stuff = big chance of being bought by hacked mana, being bought by mana got from farming with hacked items, or being bought by mana obtained by selling unhacked item to halftime hacker It is just like the theory about most the paper money having cocaine on it, you cant avoid it if you want to trade with it
  14. Fact is there are a bunch of people who are stuck between - can do any map on insane - dont have the time to run a survival - don't have the gear to do a UMF run so the only way to kick on is to purchase gear Lots of crap, I had gear from then halloween was, 20 ups gear that had 35 towerdamage and like 8 in health. Chould instantly starting to farm first wave in endless spire after some trys. got gear with 60stats on, did it on hc and got gear with 80 stats. So you forgot the fact of lazy ppl dont learn the game. Started playing from that stage 5days ago And now got 900 towerstats
  15. Well, no, as you cant sell anything on afk store for more then 99,999,999mana, that is 100,000,001 mana less then the cap ... :D
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