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  1. Lately new patches are scaring me more than making me excited.
  2. All my passives are messed up too. My explosive arrows went from 300% something to 185. I won't be playing until a hotfix is released. I'm tired of farming so next patch comes and screws everything up.
  3. So I'm guessing th inventory thing didn't get fixed? :(
  4. I didn't understand, what is coming tomorrow, only hotfix or that plus the new patch?
  5. If you need any help, lemme know. PSN: dudera-
  6. Sirozan explained it very well, let us know if there is still any doubts. And yeah, anyone ate any level that tries to sell a high level item (mystical or legendary) will only be able to sell one, then select the inventory tab again, scroll all the way to the item you just sold and sell the next one. It's pretty annoying and you get sick of it after like 3 times, really. On the subject, we still need to skip cutscenes every time we play a map. Harbinger is utterly frustrating because it takes more time to load the map, see/skip all cutscenes (intro, when you defeat him, waiting for victory sc
  7. What about selling high level items that take you back to the inventory screen, making it impossible to sell multiple items in a row?
  8. I'm bored of getting monthly quests that reward you pets. We just did one that gave us three of them and now another one. And it's exactly like the purple one from last month, but it's green. I mean come on...
  9. I have tried myself to use that sword and it doesn't work. I completed that quest on onslaught, you know that huge wave of enemies? I just built walls and ice towers and was done in like 30 minutes. I had already completed the stun leveling my abyss lords (the triangle skill stuns and you can pretty much spam it). Good luck!
  10. Not sure about th goblin, but the Halloween ones are missing, all of them. They are aware of that, someone already posted here regarding this issue so I guess we just have to wait.
  11. I don't get it. If I press and hold the down button it will go to the next item of the list.
  12. Every time I try to sell a trash item it brings me back to the part where I have to select which inventory I wanna look into. This makes it impossible for you to sell all your garbage. Please fix this :(
  13. I'm currently looking for people to play with as well. I hate to play solo. My psn is dudera-
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