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  1. It's a 15 dollar game (probably about 25 with the DLC)... To the two people that have replied to me: How many hundreds of hours of game play are you expecting for 25 dollars? What would satisfy you? Also, I just saw a video of some of this "uber loot" people are *****ing about that was recently nerfed. That loot looked completely broken -- like hacked item broken. How could such broken items not ruin game play for you? I'm personally glad they've nerfed it. I don't like "I win buttons" in games I play. The uber loot was pretty strong,the fact that only some ppl can access that be
  2. We haven't even made it past level 20 No offense sir but u have no idea how painful is the endgame of DD, and how bad the hardcore players running it, have been really screwed with the last changes in 24 hours, so pl go back exping ur toon, run 1 months 100 survival mix, than go back to tell us again ur view on the game.
  3. Just read this over in the PC Notes section Upcoming (7.13) Patch Notes * 20% Buff to UMF Loot & Reward Qualities [More Details Forthcoming] For those of you unaware what it looks like, I still have my old thread available with screenshots to show you some of the top-notch gear I got :) - http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?31246-Screenshots-of-the-7.12b-UMF-Loot-for-all-to-see-%29 Now I'm not sure if this will bring it back to what it was because I don't know what the initial nerf was A confirmation would be neat And I think it would be great to brin
  4. Alright, the knee-jerk reactions with nerfing and buffing to patch updates are making it clear that you guys are listening a little too much to your fans. Stop doing that. When you made this content you knew what you wanted it to be for the game. Ignore the whiners. You want your content to be accessible and fun for the majority of players, right? Not the 1% of players who need self-esteem uber loot (and resent it being made easier to obtain) or the 10% of give-me-all-the-cool-stuff-easy. Stick to your guns, don't change your mind after the fact. Stop changing it based on the whining of th
  5. u screwed the game, u give opportunity to a thousand or more players to acquire weapons who can dish out, 2.000.000 dps, (yes ur reading it right 2MIL) with 2 or 3 runs on one of the easiest map ever(u can even solo it with the same aura/trap setup for the survival mixs), now ur removing that opportunity to all others players to obtain such loot, so easily, and all u can do is makin a post full of sorry? nah it's not gonna work. Speaking for me, im done with the game, i don't see any miracle patch fixing this mess, not after i or a lot of other players had been farming 6 hours wave of a surv
  6. good job on the 2 most retarded ever patch i ever seen in the videogame industry. U even beat SOE on star wars uber patch that just cost them more than half of the player base and eventually led them to close the game forever. For jesus christ sake, at least before patching, grab some guys give them 10 dollars and let them TEST the content. U just introduced a mode that let MEDIOCRE geared players, to obtain the best loots in the game soloing a retarded map, with some 200+ stats aura and traps, sitting in it all day farming 90+ weapons. now u decide to remove it, so the players that don't
  7. the problem is not only u need to avoid standing too near to crystal, just to avoid a mob shoot something at it. some monster are just intangible/invurelable so they just pass all ur defense and proceed to destroy the crystal in 0.5 sec.
  8. well the disconnect isn't easily fixible imo. them scaling the crystal would at least resolve my biggest issue. it getting one-shotted late-wave by a stray arrow or fireball. godamn it makes me sad. just check my other thread on the phasing problem, and post your thoughts, im trying to move something to fix this problem asap.
  9. hello, just updating the post so other ppl can see the situation in survival mixs: yesterday got 2 phasing mob: the first was a poison immune orc, invulnerable, no collision oneshotting the crystal at wave 21 alchemy lab. the second was a poison immune kobold, same as the orc oneshotted the crystal at wave 22. today got 1 phasing mob: another orc invulnerable oneshotted the crystal wave 22. Im done with the game till they fix this, thx for this wonderful game trendy, but for some time im out, see u in 7.13.
  10. im sort of hoping the people posting in this thread misread the topic title and got that far on normal survival not mixed mode. the idea of completing mixed survival on insane is ridiculous, i dont know how any tower build can survive that many warriors. ofc im talking about MIXED. btw setupping aura/trap is the way to go, so the warrior can't melt ur towers, since they can't target auras/traps. just got another nice disconnect on wave 17 fix this problems asap, the endgame is just retarded.
  11. 24, than the things that happens are: random disconnection. Invunerable ogres/kobold, phasing trough spike blockade oneshotting the crystal. Archer/mage, shooting phasing projectile oneshotting the crystal. this happens me 10+ times on the wave 24 pls devs fix this retarded things im kinda bored and frustrated.
  12. 78+ giraffe 20+ stats 66 minigun 180 base damage no negative, or a lot of other stuffs, just add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007185521
  13. Sometimes i see the monsters just passing by any sort of damage tower taking no damage, and moving trough a spike blocades like thin air. i don't know if the devs want us to track that particular teleporting/phasing monsters and melt him via 200k dps huntress or something like that.
  14. 100 M for crystal tracker. or 66+ weapons. or 50+ armor add me pls: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007185521/.
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