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  1. Well i was not even aware that that was a thing in the past, but i didnt mean that hitting enemies would affect it, but rather that he was not neccesarily really wasting the stars. I cant really say i have experienced the Dryad in the chaos trials, and only really played through a good few of the campaign, trying to experience the hero. But i can understand the fact that if you are build to do damage with them, you would not need use as many, which would then mean using more is wasting. Though i feel like as of now, unless they change their mind, the 50/100 thing should be a still exist, but possibly with an added behaviour, where as during the 1-50 levels, it increases it slowly up to 100%, though this one might take a bit more to get to work right. Or as you hit lvl 50 with Dryad, that you will then just start with all mana.
  2. Yet, it doesnt take 30 min to go find the campaign map that is capable to completting the mission. Sure it doesnt give you much of a reward outside of slight xp, not enough for ascending a level, but you dont have to spend that 30 min, looking for the map. When you could have the mission done within 20 or less, depending on the mission, just by going for the campaign levels, and finding the ones that are capable for it. Even more so, this is not even a suggestion as much as a complaint.
  3. Well, as i also stated, its only a few heroes that dont spawn with max mana. Mystic, Dryad and EV2. All the rest do. EV2's energy is a overheat meter rather than actual mana, so in reverse it could still be seen as 100/100 Again, Mystic needs to generate the energy to "appease", aka her passive, and her energy resets every wave anyway. The Dryad still generates mana at a considerably faster rate than those with a regular mana system. And saying you are wasting your stars on not hitting anything is kinda weird. Considering that if you join a public game, that is in process you have targets to hit, and if you are still setting up defenses, the stars should easily be back before you are done. On top of that, if a wave has just started when you join, there is hardly any good targets to hit with starfall anyway. Even more so, i have hardly seen, or even remember people really complaining about the Dryad's mana system.
  4. All heroes with the same mana system, as in how the 4 original characters, spawn with full mana. Certain heroes are programmed to spawn with less mana, because of their different way of generating mana. I can't say for sure if what i believe is the reason is true, but since they have a different mana system, you need to introduce people to it, and you cant really just change it. Same reason as Mystic also starts at 50/100 (normal values) is because the Mystic gains buffs depending on how much or upon reaching 100, haven't played much of the Mystic hero.
  5. Stats gradually grow as you level up to 50, when you reach lvl 50, you will start gaining xp towards something called Ascension, this is where the more indiviual stat progression of your choice resides. Im not sure what it looks like on the console, if it even looks different, but on PC, the button is below the hero stats, when you're looking at the inventory / hero deck.
  6. The sell value on items will give you an idea if they are considered an upgrade in the loot system. Granted you will have different values depending on rarity, and im not sure how the values work between the rarities.
  7. Im not sure how you only get 23k, are you actually spamming it, or just kinda tapping it I can personally reach a good 50k dps, with 1-2 crits in there, at lvl 28, with only 822 HD and 204 HC. Even unequipping everything gives me 18k dps.
  8. I do indeed play this game, and i love it. Though there is room for some improvements, it is still on the good way.
  9. I am not sure if you are even gonna get such events on there. The reason is just as the DLC that should come. Taking long time for approval / release by microsoft. Instead Trendy is trying to host games with some kind of event.
  10. 1. For towers it is possible to press the middle mouse button, to open up a wheel. There is build, sell, hero and upgrade options. When you choice the tower it will change view, so you can place it, and then rotate it. Also there is hotkeys in the lower left corner beside health / mana meter. Using the numbers on your keyboard is the hotkeys. It is possible to change hotkeys, including the one to chat with. 2. About chatting, it should be Tab on default, though it is able to be changed. 3. When you find items on the floor, that is possible for you to equip, you can either press E to put into item box or F to put it on the character. You are able to change equipment from the itembox, which has a equip button on the right side. There is a tutorial to the game though. But it might not have started or you have not accepted it. To reset it, it is in the options. To change hotkeys, when you start the launcher. It should say "Play", "Config" and "Exit", or something like that. Using "Config" will show a window you can use. If you got more questions feel free to ask, though i may not be able to help on everything.
  11. Honestly i think this is a good way to support Trendy. It is indeed quite irritating with all the peoples whining and so, and nice to see a post like this instead. They have had their ups and downs, with patches and such. But it is still a good game no matter what. There is rooms for improvement, but in what games is there not rooms for that? Also i think i read that they will try to release the expansion for consoles with the patches and such. Though i wonder how and when we can get to see the cross-over system in the works for public.
  12. I could join up later on. I am able to go on at around 2:30 PM or so. Depends though if a friend of mine wants to do something else. Time right now is 9:06 am, 5 hours or so from now. I need Mastermind in most maps, so if i join. I would be happy to only build.
  13. This thing was noticed when the map got released, seeing how it is a altered version of Frostdale, added monster spawns and such. The skeleon ON a treadmill is there too. Though some already stated this, i wanted to join too.
  14. I could try to help out. I am just looking for some fun with other players. It though depends, since i have a friend that might wanna play something diffrent when i have the time.
  15. The funny thing. This thread was created. A little less than 2 months ago. All the people either be trolling or be rolling with their face on the keyboard not looking at the date. We did not have the quick buttons then.
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