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  1. Three of my threads have been deleted about this. I took screenshots of them just to prove that they were deleted. TE is a corrupt, incompetent company. Don't bother arguing - just boycott.
  2. None of the developers ever said that any of the stuff coming out would have a price. They even responded in two of my threads that said I had nothing to do by saying that new stuff was coming. Very unscrupulous of you, Trendy. If it's gonna cost money, you should have told us that the second you started taking about it. And don't tell me it's entirely optional - I've been waiting for two weeks for what I thought we'd get for free and now I have nothing to do. Well gee, thanks TE fanbois.
  3. I've been hanging this entire week waiting for new content. I haven't had fun doing anything for two weeks and figured that this new content would be cool. I have to pay MONEY to play as a girl with one or two new abilities? **** that ****, I'm out. Already uninstalled. Never getting any of my money again, TE - fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
  4. It's going to be free, don't worry. Any price that may or may not appear is the result of scads of people flocking to Steam to take advantage of the sales - it's slowing down the servers and making updates to the sales page slow.
  5. They've said that it would be sometime in the early afternoon today, EST. It's 2:55 PM EST as I make this post, so I'd expect sometime in the next two hours.
  6. The solution is simple: start a campaign telling people not to buy items with real currency. If you don't buy from gold sellers, they'll stop selling gold. Gold sellers are the only hackers worth worrying about because they have the resources to buy this game on multiple accounts and harvest gold/items seriously. Everyone else won't bother hacking this game seriously because they only have one account and a VAC ban stops you from playing on ANY VAC servers ever again.
  7. Play the game for the story? That's ludicrous. The game's story is, "Bad things are happening; you're the apprentice of a legend; defend the maps."
  8. Early morning? Late night? Is it already submitted? Is it bug-tested? Is it balanced? Any info of any kind?
  9. Simply put, we're working on a very important change that's going to enable Defenses to be a big part of any end-game strategy (maybe even the most important part), and thus reduce the need for any grinding: Upgrades are going to not only have their stat boosting effect, but they'll have a direct linear across-the-board multiplier as well. This will make end-game Defenses, once Upgraded, a much more effective tool in the end-game arsenal, and will make playing a pure end-game Tower Build a viable option. We're spending some time to fully nail down the numbers on this one, though it might launc
  10. What was the point in the first place? The game has never been balanced in any sense of the word.
  11. Can someone explain to me why everyone in this thread loves JDanford when he explicitly said he has no new information? Every time he posts it's either: 1) telling us that he has no new information, or 2) telling us that he'll take our suggestions to the "team." I'm not out to get him, but you're making it extremely hard not to see you as a glorified errand boy.
  12. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14848-Current-(7.10e)-and-upcoming-(7.11)-Patch-Notes This... http://forums.trendyent.com/announcement.php?f=2&a=18 And this... Patch notes that haven't been updated since Friday (possibly Thursday) and useless fluff about content we'll be getting in a week anyway? If you were trying to present proof that JDanford or whatever is desperately trying to prove that he should still have job, you've succeeded, but any other point has escaped you.
  13. But why is this? the content is the exact same. And you have to download it the same way. It bugs me that they keep locking out local for no other reason than "we can". I mean there is no legit answer to local not getting the content. Local is for people who are banned from TNet because they hacked. Everyone else can play on TNet and experience the content as soon as it comes out. There is no "legit" answer for not playing on TNet when you can. Any questions?
  14. Taking some time off? Can't keep up the 80 hour weeks forever. Isn't that what the weekend is forever? They haven't been around since Thursday.
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