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  1. most people cant even handle a map of 8 players and the 500 enemies on screen at once that 8 players causes. it gets jacked up to 32.. and your crying thats not enough??! o.O
  2. just did a run after the patch.. still nothing from a victory.
  3. "Stat rollovers" aren't an actual thing. pick up a sword with block over 300%... a staff.. or a pet from the shop with over 80 knockback... or any item with a "random" stat rolled WAY over its hard cap.... and youll see that stat when you pick it up.. change into the negatives... or the stat will disapear all togeather. YES... the stat rollover bug is very real.. and been a plague to the random stats generation for some time.. changing a potential great item into trash. in higher round survival runs.. MOST mage staffs... lose thier knockback becuase its too high.. most squire swords have 900+ block % which get wiped out. as for level cap.. i figured 100 LONG ago.. that way there would be enough mana actively held to raise towers to 5 stars. as for everyone whining about raising the mana cap.. how about LOWERING the prices on your farmed items? tired of shops with 70+ CRAP/trash trans and supreme items in them and people demanding 1b+ for them just because you have the mana hackers comming in buying peoples stores out.. and the shop owner thinking.. wow crazy price and it sells? lets keep prices that way. im worry but a weapon without + to projectiles.. negative hero damage.. and negative tower damage.. and only 6 upgrades.. is NOT worth 1b+ JUST becuase its a supreme. its unusable as an item.... its nothing more then an 800m mana token. stop overpricing your crap.. only put items in your shop that YOU would use..but cant because you already have better... and use it to make other players better. mana is SO easy to come by... theres no need to rip other people off just so you can have more mana to sink into tokens.. and let it all sit there.
  4. ive done 3 misty hc/nm/mm runs in the past 2 days... 4 player.. and the mana gained was about the same as before the reduction.. averaging 50 million mana from wave 20+ same as before. so any gripes about less mana gained.. is bs. trans drops seem about the same. acessories drops seem about the same... supremes drops seem about the same. still getting as many 53 mana items as before... still seeing as many ultra cursed godlys as before. the ONLY thing ive seen any real change in.. is 1.. it takes HALF the time... and 2.. i DONT have to repair my auras mid round any more. so were getting.. the same drops.. more mana and exp per hour.. and less per round upkeep becuase of less mobs. theres nothing negative to this change.
  5. you guys want whining stopped? sadly people are ALWAYS going to grope and whine. but.. heres the skinny. As stated.. you have a cap of what items can be dropped on the ground at any one time. this cap will be achieved in a 4 player match at about 1k mobs. from there.. the lowest quality item gets replaced with what drops of better quality... the item that vanishes is gone forever. everyone knows this... well most do. Old unit cap. 6000 mobs... vs new cap 3000 mobs.... YES.. because of the extra 3000 mobs... for the 6 cap.. there will be 3000 extra dice rolls for random loot to improve the quality of the end drop for THAT round... meaning when comparing the 3k loot total.. vs the 6k loot total.. the 6k will clearly grant more mana. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! this comes at the cost at extra time. You can run that same wave of 3k.. TWICE in the SAME time you take to do the 6k... this means being your running two waves to the previos versions one wave.. your selling TWICE the ammount of drops.. in the same time. this alone easily ballances out what little gain you will get from the other 3000 random rolls that get deleted... and has the potential to even make your mana game per hour even higher then before. being 90% of your EXP comes from end of round time bonuses.. double your rounds per hour also doubles your exp intake. as for setup times.. yes you have to do it twice as often now. but your already afk pratically the entire time. your still going to be AFK... you really whining about having to play the game a lil bit more of a day just to get your loot? o.O the point of this.. fix/tweak.. is that theres such an exponential ramp in long term units per player.. that it needlessly drags the game out for those that DO "play" the game... and dont AFK all the time. late waves.. ogres stop spawning at about 2000-2500 enemies.. this leaves the remaining 4000 units at long rounds to be a slow.. pointless trickle that is only 20% as dangerous as the origional statrting 2000...ask any survival player.. you survival that first 2k.. and the ogres stop spawning.. the rest of the round is a cakewalk. this means the rest of the round.. no longer a threat.. is a waste of time and patience. active people shoudlent have to wait 15+ minutes for that... trickle.. to finish out. remember.. survival USED to take 20+ hours.. then got dropped to 8.. they are still tweaking it thankfully.. but still has some ways to go... and they are moving int he right direction. after that ogre time has passed.. the round becomes a chore. more players need to add more unit health..a fraction more damage.. and an increase in how many spawn at once.. NOT a huge increase in total units over time. think of survival like a sink with the faucet on. the waters constnatly flowing into the sink.. but the drain is open.. and the water effortly flows through.. it could be 5 minutes.. it could be 5 hours... still all goes effortlessly down the drain. start throwing food.. and other things in the drain to clog it... and the sink starts to fill... sink gets half full.. then the waters pressure gets cut to half..'aka ogres stop spawning'.. and with the lessened pressure.. the sink returns to normal draining levels. more people.. will clean that sink faster.. thus to pose more of a threat.. more food has to be tossed in at once. or increase the water pressure.. so the sink fills faster. deciding to leave the pressure at a constant.. managable rate.. for twice as long.. is still.. managable. simply put.. more units per round.. does NOT make.. a larger threat.
  6. the jesters not a theory.. it was a silouette with a padlock over it in character selection when the game first released.. same as the barbarian. its why they have been in the wiki since the game came out.. long before the forums officialy made a mention of them. and yes.. the shards maps have been in the trailer since launch.. becuase they have been working on them that long. as well as the dlc heroes. NONE of this is.. spur of the moment creation out of the blue.. well save for costumes and the holiday stuff. as for WHY they would move onto another project? same reason why any dev moves on... same reason why we players take breaks from the game from time to time.. they get burnt out doing the same thing for so long... and need a change.. the chance to do something new.. and make a fresh approach.
  7. insane difficulty is a sad joke.... on nightmare some of the krackens attacks hit YOU for a million+ damage. those 6 homing darts he fires out.. 300k a piece. and has 140 million health you have to whittle down while hes hammering you.
  8. bracers wiht 200 stats.. yeah thats defiantly hacked lol
  9. being each shard is hung in the tavern beneath a picture of a parent my guess is the parents were involved in the shards to begin with... i suspect it will be the kids vs the parents in a final battle.. will they drop DD afterwards? no.. not YET>. they still have yet to release the jester which has been in the character select que since day one.. yet to be unlocked. so we know at least THAT is comming out. theres the map contest.. when that finishes they will debug and tweak that map and release it. as for any more.. "expansions".. my guess is they are getting burnt out on coding for dundef. they still have to finalize and release it for the ps3 and xbox.. as well as the yet unreleased vita version. by the time thats all said and done.. i suspect a trendy vacation for the staff.. followed by a new project. but im guessing fall/winter for that. new project runs its 1-2 year life.. might hear of DunDef 2 mid to end 2014
  10. ok.. first off.. dundef retailed at 15$.. so you did not pay 30+ for the game... theres your first lie. secondly.. people were completing misty and moraggo on NM long before the EV came out.. look hard you can still find the threads with the builds to them using mage walls as blockers. its also why in NM everyone used guardians... which comes from the core game... so being your clearly unknowning of this long standing fact.. ill rank this one as ignorance and not a front faced lie... but still a failure to part 2 of your argument. EV.. and now the summoner.. change mechanics. As SUPPORT characters they make things easier. yes.. but are NOT "required" to win.. even in late survival. but since your clearly overpaying for the game by more then double, im certain you can manage another 3$ for an EV if your that needy about thier abilities. PS. misty nm/hc/mm is meant for the uber hard core.. the top 0.01% of players. an epic strugle of absolute learning of your classes weakness and strenghts.. its giving you a challenge as its MEANT to.. stop whining. if you want to sleep through your maps go back to insane.
  11. william.. he said show he achievement stating that these default heros can SOLO nightmare.. which NONE of the origional 4 can do. as for staying that your paying to put buff beams down.. your SAVING DU with buff beams. for 4 du you can buff 2 towers... PLUS a stack of auras. most use 3-5 turrets in an area for a default non ev build. a decent EV with modest stats can EASILY double the damage.. and boost the rof of turrets by 50% PER turret.. this effectively gives ONE turret the dps of 3. this means for that 4 du.. you can turn 6 turrets.. down to 2.. this alone saves you at least 3 turrets worth of DU... not counting the bonuses in range and damage added on to any nearby auras and traps So no.. your not PAYING in DU to place a buff beam.. your gaining back at least twofold. yes.. these DLCs are making the game easier. but thats what happens when you change the games mechanics. these characters were planed for some time... parts of thier design were intended to be incorperated for some time. and IMO they make nightmare playable.... you no longer need hacked gear to do some impressive things with what you have.. but even so.. the game can still decide to pull the rug out from under your feet and cost you a loss if your not carefull.
  12. some people were rather content with AFKing all night while the game auto played itself in survival... thankfully those days are long gone.
  13. was submitted to valve for release friday afternoon.. now its sunday evening.. and DD hasent patched yet? am i the only one that finds this.. unusual?
  14. read the digest.. dun def stuff goes on mass sale tomorrow the 24th
  15. thank gods... yeah.. i try to ALWAYS have a set going.. and this i was upgrading seperately because without max resistances i would be in trouble in NM.. so ive been saving it till i can pump some upgrades into it. thanks for letting me know the games not cursing me for the 5th time this month.. or is it 6th? pet stats reset.. depth charges RoF stat bugged out.. inventory vanished.. 2dlc no longer owned.. yeah this would have been #5.
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