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  1. It add's zero depth it merely limits pets to dps or builder heroes. I think everyone would like if pets were a separate system by themselves so your not restricted by any kind of hero build.
  2. I absolutely love what you have written about DD2 gear. For a game that revolves around gear its pretty pathetic state right now in terms of dead simpleness it has.
  3. Its not a good deal your better suited with the Defender pack for 25 bucks that gave you 3000 gems and 2 hero slots. If trendy is going to give little to no gems in these kinda packs they NEED to be a good deal.
  4. So besides DH what other stats should I focus on? Also what passives do I need as well.
  5. Welp that's a shame :/ I can see why the hero deck is hated so much now.
  6. So which is best for NM difficulty? or can I do both traps and dps for my huntress.
  7. So why aren't there forums to talk about specific class builds yet? Seems pretty obvious to me each class needs there forum to discuss builds, item/sphere issues, tips and tricks.
  8. Its a step in the right direction they just need to let us choose more than 1 option for filter then it will be golden.
  9. Exact same thing is happening to me I can't even play other maps.
  10. So has anyone written a pet guide? I am at lost at what do really in partly with the basics and are there specific pets for builds.
  11. Match Maker needs a over haul in general who wants to join a game 80 percent finished already or even better is joining some idiot who used all the defense points on freaking traps/auras.
  12. So I just started playing DD2 as a Squire and I am on mission where you defend Pet Eggs for the first time. Well the MM keeps throwing me into these games where they have already started so I get zero mana for building defenses and the other players are a Monk/huntress who won't share mana so we have zero walls on first wave. So I keep playing with these people but what ever I build gets destroyed because I can't afford to build/upgrade my defenses while the other players keep build traps/auras that seem to do nothing. I don't know why this game lets Huntress/Monks start the game gimping the other classes that can actually build freaking walls. Seriously I went into private lobby and beat the dam level by myself easy as pie because I didn't have these derp players building useless stuff either because there gear really sucks or they are going hero DPS. TLDR Stop letting the game start without a squire or apprentice in party first so there's someone who can build walls.
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