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  1. Kudos CDT! Your dedication is indeed praiseworthy! :D
  2. I couldn't join the first event due to many unfinished university tasks :P But this time I will join for sure!
  3. I know it's super late for a submission but I decided to upload a 4th idea of mine (yeah it looks kinda rushed i know).It's ok if it won't count in the contest :) (It could be an idea that u could use without crediting me - i won't mind) 4.Royal Family's Flamerock Cannon (usable by Huntress/Ranger/EV/Jester) -Shoots rocky flame balls which leave small damaging lava pools in the ground (3-5 seconds) (Similar effect with Flaming Hydra) -Holding the fire button for 3 secs or more releases a slow huge fire ball which deals great damage to every enemy that crosses its path (4-6 secs) -Very high elemental/base damage. Slow projectile speed -Suggestion: Heroes hold this weapon the same way Heavy holds its primary weapon in Team Fortress 2 DrZPv9E.png 75AEM83.jpg -Similar size variance to Incubator or Skull bow (preferably a big size variance) -Equipment level 93 and up
  4. I honestly prefer MoM Return to Middle Earth more than MoM Savage Mode. So my vote goes to my second favourite map which is : Forgotten Depths!
  5. Thanks for your comment! :) As I said earlier the bonus applies only to offensive towers and I think the 30% is pretty decent as the pet can be equipped only by high lvls and can be awarded only by finishing wave 35 in nighmare hardcore thus making it hard to obtain. Think of Papa Chili as an non-offensive Mega Chicken :P PS:What is more,Papa Chili can't boost towers summoned from other players.The boost applies only to offensive towers that you have summoned.(I just added it in the description) PS2:Well the fire bonus could be 20-25% instead of 30% but no less than that cuz I feel that people won't find it worth farming.
  6. Before I start , i should inform you that I have some basic photoshop skills :P So,here are my ideas. Hope u like them. 1.Chico Chili (Red Chili Sauce) ''Spicing your Etherian mouth since 1337'' -Suggestion:Chico Chili is a pet that can be awarded by completing the (????? :P) stage on nightmare hc with at least 2 different heroes. In other words, each 2nd time sb completes the ??? stage the pet will be automatically added to their inventory. -Gives to hero's weapon an additional 30% fire damage bonus based on the weapon's base damage. Example: Let's say that I have an Transcendent Electric Calamity with Base Damage:12536 and Electrical Damage:13277 and the sum total is 25813 By equipping Chico Chili the only stat that is taken into account is the Base Damage.(Not the Electrical Damage or any other Elemental Damage). So with the new damage bonus,the new sum total is 25813 + 3761= 29574 The players won't be able to upgrade the bonus fire dmg as it won't appear in the weapon stats! The only way to have bigger fire dmg bonus is to upgrade their weapon's base dmg! -Gives to hero (or weapon) a fire particle effect similar to the particle effects that fire weapons have (but in darker color tone and more subtle-maybe you could add some peppers to the effect too) -Has similar size variance with the Hero Guardians/Animi pets. -At the end of each wave, Chico raises its hands cheerfully in similar manner as heroes do. -When players jump, it makes a flip similar to Ninja Monk's flip. -Equipment level is 86 and up -Has similar stats to Kobold on Treadmill (has no offensive or defensive stats but gives extra hero and tower stats) 2.Papa Chili (Black Chili Sauce-TNT Flavor) "Only for the brave ones...'' -Papa Chili is a familiar that is being awarded by completing the last wave of the ??? stage on survival nightmare hardcore mode. -When equipped ,Papa Chili gives 30% fire damage bonus to hero's offensive towers! Example 1: Let's say that my apprentices's Magic Missile Tower Damage is: 35424 with the new fire dmg bonus the new Missile Tower Damage will be :(35424+10627 bonus=) 46051. This bonus applies only to offensive towers! Defensive towers like Ensnare Aura or Gas Trap won't be affected by this change. -This bonus stacks with Monk's Tower Boost and other pet's defense boosts. -This bonus doesn't stack with EV's tower buff beam (and vice versa). Example 2:(Keep in mind that I have already Papa Chili equipped and the current dmg is 46051). My Ev uses her Tower Buff Beam to further boost my App's Magic Missile Tower Dmg.The tower Buff Beam will take into account only the BASE Magic Missile tower dmg number (35424). So the boosted dmg will be :(35424+ EV's buff beam)=61362 And the new sum total will be : (35424+ EV's buff beam+ 10627 bonus) =71989 -Papa Chili can't boost towers summoned from other players.The boost applies only to offensive towers that you have summoned.(this will help preventing any multiple Papa Chilis' bonus stacking) -Gives the towers a fire particle effect similar to the particle effect that fire weapons have (but in dark blue/purple color tone and more subtle) -Has similar size variance with the Hero Guardians/Animi pets. -When player jumps ,Papa Chili spins the same way Steam Robot does -At the end of each Battle Phase, Papa Chili claps its hands cheerfully. -Equipment level is 93 and up -Has similar stats to Kobold on Treadmill (has no offensive or defensive stats but gives extra hero and tower stats) 3.Flaming Hydra Staff (Usable by Apprentice/Adept/EV/Jester) ''As warm as a toast. Maybe a tad warmer...'' -Flaming Hydra (a staff with a six-headed hydra) is being awarded for acquiring the gunslinger award on the ??? stage(s) on nightmare hardcore. -Incredibly high elemental damage & base damage , Moderate/mediocre projectile speed -It always has fire elemental damage. -Fires lava balls which leave small damaging lava puddles when they hit the ground or the wall (duration 3-5 seconds) -Once fully upgraded to 5 additional projectiles, Flaming Hydra fires all 6 projectiles in a hexagon-shaped pattern (similar to the Bloodshot Staff). -While there are no offensive towers in the map, the staff's base damage is increased by 50% (not the elemental dmg) -Its second attack animation summons damaging lava rings around the player for a limited amount of time (3-5 seconds) -Quite expensive to upgrade :P -Hydra's Heads have subtle movement similar to Βonecutter's sharp limbs. -Its size variance is similar to the Lava Slinger (or other comparable staves) -Equipment Level :100 EIOZMVp.jpg (pretty much the same as before the only slight differences are: Smaller hydra heads and larger wand)
  7. You made the best suggestion so far! :)
  8. Thanks for the new update! It's nice to keep things fresh in a beloved game like this! +Buccanners' Bay is a great map! I am so curious about the new pets. +And jester's new towers are fun! Party Popper for the heroes ,Party Pooper for the goblins :P -/+Moonbase theme is nice overall but you could use 1 blue info board or 2 like in the moonbase map. Suggestions: 1)In the Buccaneers Bay map you can replace some of the chests with pettable parrots. 2)It would be nice if some of the upcoming maps had the same difficulty as the original campaign maps or the Lost Eternia Shards maps! Moonbase and Buccaneers Bay are bringing a nice challenge to the high lvl players but some upcoming maps need to be more accesible to lower lvls (eg. for 50-70 lvls) 3)Halloween Spooktacular 3 4)Some new skins for the Jester and the Summoner would be a welcome addition as they only have 2 skins each!
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