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  1. I think someone started one here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?34420-NIGHTMARE!-Perfect-Loot-Guide-Under-Construction-Help-Appreciated
  2. Man, I remember when I was first learning how to hack stuff like that and I gave myself "of the Zodiac" on all my gear. So good. "of the Zodiac" was like the best omg. I remember having that on my rings and amulet, with enough of Zodiac gear you could wear full heavy plate without investing like any stats into strength. Such a good game, especially back in the day.
  3. Godly Plate of the Whale. 'nuff said. Let me clarify, I think the big difference between DD and Diablo open is that the characters are actually stored on the server. That gives the advantage of being able to theoretically monitor the servers. I'm not sure how hard it would be to program some sort of search engine to look for flatly invalid values and delete the associated items, but I think that'd be the best way around it. Diablo had something like this, it would reset values to legal values to be precise. This would cause items with 100k damage or 90% resists to get deleted or reset. A
  4. I am pretty positive that TE will start implementing programs that will help end modding items. My reasoning is that once nitemare comes out/etc TE can finally have a solid end game (I hope) for the time being and therefore mitigate more resources to actually improving overall game in which they can balance/ban the losers who have to hack cause they lack the neccesary skill to get good at the game. Plus, ive brought up a simple concept that im trying to promote that would help identify hackers. It uses the communication between client and serverside to exchange virtual ID tags of the ite s th
  5. You can earn & save 100,000,000 mana in your Bank from gameplay (previously cap was 50,000,000). You can also go ABOVE 100,000,000 Mana by running an "Player Shop", which is new to 7.12 -Jer Thanks for clarification.
  6. * All: Raised Mana Bank non-shop earnings Cap to 100,000,000 What do you mean by this?
  7. I haven't personally attempted Glitterhelm Insane Survival yet, but some of the scores (the top 2 in particular) and times on the leaderboard seem awfully high/sketchy.
  8. I got moved into the PC subforum http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?56-PC-Patch-Notes
  9. Friend and I were playing with this person on Trendy net the other day. This has got to be a hacked weapon right? Stats are pretty insane as well. http://steamcommunity.com/id/stuuii/screenshot/648745786598842107/? Also played Summit insane today and a person who's auras seemed way too powerful although they were level 70 took the dragon down with a lvl 70 huntress from 3,000,000 to death in 7 seconds or less. Only the huntress was attacking it and no towers or auras were nearby. Is that possible without cheating? Both happened on trendy net. Yes, that weapon is definitely hacked.
  10. Bump, still updating this thread?
  11. Whats the max ups the Sircarius can go to? I don't think anyone has been farming Insane Spook enough since the recent patch to get a good enough sampling to say what the max number of upgrades are yet. Personally, I've seen up to 39^ so far.
  12. Forum user: http://forums.trendyent.com/member.php?9486-Robby2x Steam ID: robby3x I noticed that this player is buying giraffes and other items from these Trendynet forums, then hacking the stats on them to be have perfect number of upgrades or perfect stats and reselling them on a the d2jsp.org trading forums. Links of Trendynet forum posts where he's offering to buy giraffes of ANY stats: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?22447-BUYING-GIRAFFE-any-stats!-PAYING-WELL (notice he apparently has a large supply of perfect items in his statement "have Perfec sic and vw's, perfec
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