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  1. Sadly I do not play any more. Main reasons. 1. having to do 3 maps in a row to progress in onslaught. 2. Not being able to invite friends, have to do a boring long grind to get them to where you are. 3. Resetting having very little benefit in doing it. Leaving you with no feeling of progression or advancement. I really do like the changes to lanes how each lane having different enemies and special powers in each one making yah think more and not just afk stomp, which is great, but when you have no sense of purpose in doing so feeling like you are not gaining any reward for challenging your self it just gives me little motive to do so. Games kinda need that carrot on a stick element to it, which is lacking in this game.
  2. This would be good idea, they could add a penalty to XP and gold based on what your max Floor level is vs the higher one you doing now too as well. Also increasing the amount of HP per player from 20% to 30% so it is more risky to carry would help, and would help balance the solo vs team players. Cause right now it just becomes really easy based on having more players. This Per player HP could also be decreased for lower lvls so more newb friendly and just scale capping at 30% per player.
  3. Dam you guys are amazing, I level 1,000 and I can't even reach floor 65 let alone 100. But yes I agree there is not much incentive to reset. If they changed the xp buff to 50% per reset instead of 5% that may motivate me to do it, but I sure there are better ways to do it then just that. If anything the xp should increase as you move higher in onslaught, like at floor 100 you should be gaining at least 26mill xp per map.
  4. I in the same boat, Until they change it to 1 map per onslaught level I doubt I will bother, I don't have the time to do 3 maps in row like others may have.
  5. Why not though? From my understanding XP is static meaning it does not get higher the further you get in onslaught. Unless I wrong? Say you at 500%. You would still have to play around 1,000+ games just to be able to put 833 points into one tower dmg type. Eventually you will cap at 999, then can simply keep pushing just to see how far you can get. Unless they making it so u can go past 999? Or they could simply make it so you gain more XP the further you progress in Onslaught so we don't need such high XP% boosts and be more rewarded for pushing are selves.
  6. non because 5% exp is kinda a joke. Also the current 3 map onslaught is also a horrible experience to go through again. But if they were to improve it maybe be not as bad. But I still be down for removing the reset as well.
  7. Give us 50% exp per reset instead of 5% and I be ok with resetting tbh. 5% exp just way too low.
  8. Why do we have to play random maps and have to beat multiple maps at the same time? The reason this makes sense to me is to prevent people from constantly remaking a map so that they can reroll for the most easy map and most easy lane combinations, so by forcing us to do multiple maps in a row this makes it so that remaking for more easier lane/map combinations are not as convenient to do. Problem with this system: 1. people do not have the time to invest doing multiple maps in a row. 2. having DC issues with party or game crashing or losing to bug be more common the more maps you have to do in a row losing your progress making it very frustrating. Ways to improve or change current system. 1. Progress is saved. So that you can continue where you left off. BUT the save point will have to be static. So once you beat the first map the second random map you get will be saved so when you fail or come back to it the lanes will be the same and map will be the same, this again is to encapsulate the RNG and not abusing remakes to get the map or lane modifiers you want. But of course you will still have choice to start all over again if you wanted. Also a system like this would have to be made so that when some one who is on the same floor as you is joining you on 2/3 or 3/3 will not be able to get the floor unlocked unless they started on floor 1 with you. And if you were to join some one on the current highest floor you are on you will lose your progress and have new saved progress with them. 2. Make maps static for each floor level. Each floor could have static maps so that floor progress can be more easily saved for example doing a floor your progress would work like mastery where each map you beat gives you a star showing you beat it so that you can continue your progress to the next map without having to do all them at the same time like mastery. One question would be should lane modifies be static as well so people do not keep rerolling them or should they be more balanced so that we don't feel the need to? 3. Make each floor 1 map only but instead make it 7 waves instead of 5. This will make progressing more simple but still would suffer from map and lane modifier rerolling. Unless modifiers and maps are more balanced or are static. Maybe you guys have better ideas or concerns you want to address feel free to comment. But that is all my little mind could come up with. Games like D3 who do Endless progress all ready suffer from re rolling for best modifiers and really best way to try to solve was simply to balance maps/modifiers more but there still will always be best maps/enemies/modifiers for said build in that game.
  9. Hard part is DCing. I just did an onslaught beat the 5 waves on to the next map, then error Disconnected... now have to start again... why they thought having to do multiple maps in a row was a good idea i not sure... all I can say is I have no time for this game any more.
  10. Pets should really not reset I think. They so hard to level especially when you have 60 of them on 60 characters.
  11. I not sure I understand. From my 1 map experience I beat 1 lvl 55 map and moved to lvl 56. Are you saying there are levels where I must beat 3 random maps in a row to progress to the next level? If so why? Why not make it consistent of 1 map win for next level unlocked? Or do I have it wrong?
  12. They been getting feedback on Day 1 of people not liking random maps, even with many solutions suggested no sign of any change. Really comes down to priorities though. We may be heard but if its last on their priority list we will not see any change for a year or 2.
  13. Yah I not feeling it either, feel no reward for risk and time spent in challenging your self, the reward feels to little to bother. Let alone i doubt i be able to do onslaught 65 solo any ways even with max gear and lvl.
  14. my bees do same thing, i got lady orc at wall with 4 bee hives 5 feet away and not attacking it.
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