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  1. Sometimes when I open my EV UI, the two weapon slots change to one weapon and one shield. I can't put anything in the shield slot. I tried changing out my weapon in the weapon slot, but now I can't equip anything in either slot :( You can see one of the slots is for a shield now. I can't add any weapons to her now.
  2. I have a c7 level "6" anti-melee servo at +34.44% damage and another c7 level "5" anti-melee servo at +37.92%. Why is the level 5 mod higher % than the level 6 mod? The level 6 mod is on a fully upgraded totem and the level 5 mod is on a fully upgraded medallion. Does that make a difference? Is this a common occurrence?
  3. Are there any good ballista specific mods that are good?
  4. I haven't used ballistas since DD1. What shards and mods should I use? Also, do ballistas need piercer mods for shield enemies? Thanks
  5. The removal of the frost incursion from onslaught. Not the map, just the incursion part! I hope I don't have to hold my breath too long. I'm not Aqua Man ;p
  6. I don't like the idea of defenses being frozen on onslaught. On high onslaught floors, frozen defenses for even a few seconds will end the map. It's one thing if you have to keep frosty vermin away from your towers so they don't freeze, but not having any control weather a lane with your towers gets frozen is STUPID....at least on onslaught. Even if you are quick to relight the torch spires, those precious moments can easily cost you the map. Good idea for an incursion, horrible for high onslaught. It's like Trendy doesn't want us to advance floors anymore.
  7. I see a level 10 as just a nice capping off for a range limit. However this mod for example I think going from 25.33% at level 9 to 28.33% at level 10 would be good too. 3% in this case is a good jump since there is only an 11.5 difference from top to bottom. I think we both can agree that less than 1 difference out of 11.5 going from level 1 to 6 is ridiculous!
  8. I got a level 1 C7 defense attack range mod which is plus 16.83% defense range. The max range for a perfect C7 mod is 28.33%. I rerolled the mod and got at best a level 6 mod with a defense range of plus 17.67!!?? Are you kidding me? That's less than 1% increase out of a possible 11.5% increase. At level 6, I would think the mod should at least be around plus 23%. Trendy, you seriously need to rebalance your mod tiers!
  9. Think I will be done by reset 20. That will get me the 999 ascension points cap for defense health and power. Also I can max ancient power points in defense power, def crit chance, def crit power and def range. Beyond 20 just seems like too much of a grind for me. Even if you can start from the minimum floor once you hit reset 30, having to run 30 floors per reset is Rediculous!
  10. Is there a list that shows the current minimum floor to reset each ancient power 1 - 70?
  11. If I have the controller servo installed on the frost tower, will enemies within the frost aura take extra damage from other towers?
  12. I put Melee Boom on Angry Nimbus, but there is no boom or area of effect damage when it kills a melee enemy? Anyone else get this?
  13. I haven't reset yet and only have C7 gear. I'm on floor 63 or 64 Lost Temple. Whenever I get a lane with magical resist / weak to physical, it seems to always come with a huge horde of frosties. I just can't figure out a good build for them? It seems most physical defenses are inferior to magical ones :( Any ideas?
  14. I have an Xfinity modem/router box. I connected my laptop straight to the modem with an ethernet cable and all the problems magically went away! It's something with the way Xfinity's router is set up. I can't tell what though? Doesn't matter now. I'll just connect my gaming router to the Xfinity modem and bypass the Xfinity router BS. Everything loads much faster now too! I still wonder why this problem would arise for this game and not others? I can only imagine that it has something to do with Trendy's server configurations?
  15. Alright so i tried using a VPN with no luck, then i tried a second Steam account and it had the same issues. So i figure it couldn't be account related. Then i realised i was using Google DNS servers on our router DHCP settings, so i tried connecting directly to the modem and all the problems went away. I even stopped crashing when trying to transition to the next map. No more long login time, no more server timeouts. So the next thing to test is whether it's the Google DNS so i tried removing them from the DHCP settings and reconnecting to the router and everything works on the router now too
  16. I didn't have this problem before the pirate update and now I do. Hmmm, What's the only thing that changed??
  17. I did what you said and no I don't use 3rd party software. It's still happening. There were no windows updates between pre and post pirate update. This happens on all 3 of my laptops by the way. It doesn't matter what server I use. I guess I'm done playing until Trendy fixes yet another glitch. :(
  18. Are you having any issues with timeouts or just this crash? As of right now, only this crash. I've only played onslaught since the update but I think I would have the same problem continuing on any mode. However, I have had timeout problems since Windows 10 updated a month or two back. Something with windows 10 updates are interfering with DD2 loading times. I have no problem with load times on other games to include Warframe on it's highest settings.
  19. I just played the game on a different computer and I still ran into the same issue. Are you getting this Trendy?
  20. after steam downloads the missing or invalid files, I run a check and all files are valid. After moving from one floor to another in onslaught a couple of times, I get the error. I then revalidate the files and all of a sudden I get a file Steam can't validate, so Steam redownloads it and then all files are valid again. Repeat and rinse. Extremely annoying :(
  21. I didn't change anything. I check my files and the same few are always invalid. Steam replaces the files and the game works again going from one floor to the next once. The second time in a row when I move to the next floor, It errors again. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but still getting this error. It's like the files go corrupt after a while? I had no problems before the update.
  22. I verified the integrity of the game files and downloaded the missing files. First two onslaught "next floors" worked fine. But now it's freezing and giving me the same error message again. What could the problem be?
  23. After the Pirate update came out, the game crashes when I try to transition to the next Onslaught floor. I click "Next Floor" and it starts to load. But after a couple minutes the game freezes and gives me an error report.
  24. The lane in this picture doesn't always work. If you get a big mob coming out at once, then they stray from the left lane and go to the right. I saw a berserker do this which killed my core. The pathing clearly shows which way they are supposed to go, but they bunch up at the spawn point and then cross over to the other lane on the right. Please fix...Thank you :) 
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