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  1. Onslaught probably has very high scaling that goes past C7 or maybe even endless scaling like in Warframe.
  2. Yeah, i've tried to solo the 30 sec build timer ones and it's just impossible... at least for me.
  3. Thank god, I thought I was going to have to farm mastery for a second there.
  4. It's stupid how helpful this would be.
  5. HC wasn't OP it was a good utility tower. Now its a tower I'll only be using in mastery.
  6. They balanced it, neither of them will be used cause cannon balls are worthless now.
  7. Actually according to my estimates it's impossible to get everything in league without paying... It would take longer than your life. 10,000 hours for one full set or runes... I took one look at that game and nope. 10,00 hours what? I haven't played that game in a long time but i played when it first came out till a little after season 2 and i had a (the best tier) full set of runes for every role in the game and i doubt i have more then 400 hours if even that on it. I also was able to buy any champion i wanted. So unless they dramatically changed the way the game works 10,000 hours for a fu
  8. I think adding ladders and season in the same way Diablo and Path of Exile have would be a great way to keep the game alive and fun.
  9. Yeah when they said 4 new builds were coming, this isn't what i expected. These are some weak passives. A physical Purge that is extremely under powered compared to the monks. the devs hyped these weapons so much when they are basically just for cosmetics.
  10. I was hoping for more balance changes but this is still a big patch. Nice work. Wait what "Condition 3: Earn 50 Wyvern Tokens!" is there some way to earn tokens im not aware of?
  11. Yeah i accidentally sold my 9% tripwire bow the other day. I cried.
  12. That is false I look at my tokens every day and still do the quest even after it still disappears and tokens remain the same. Well i do the same and get rewarded every day. So either you have a additional bug or you just don't complete them.
  13. It's bugged, but only visually. You can still complete it if you remember its requirements and you'll be rewarded.
  14. Yep all in private. I don't mind carrying people to a degree but when they come straight out of the campaign (tutorial) so they don't have gear, are unable to DPS, have no real understanding of the game mechanics, make the Ogres constantly spam its aoe attack at the barricade, either die constantly or go AFK between waves etc. It gets old really fast. I'll still play a open game once or twice a day, but i feel like the same people that get carried through NM will be complaining that there is no content. I think they should add titles for soloing each nightmare difficulty. That way we can get
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