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  1. They allow you to use [shift]-F for startfire and [ctrl]-F for startaltfire. I won't get ban from using this right? Then thank you very much :D
  2. I have every characters except Monk (woman monk) Have free 6 free slots (40 total) My gears before I left is max C5. (Now playing onslaught mode to unlock this trial thing :O) Thanks PS. How do you use command? Like FoV or Startfire
  3. Oh. I see. Thanks for answer :D Well I just check there are no C6 C7 haha
  4. Well after I download 1.7gb 2 times. In log-in didn't see any tower skins. Is it a bug?? If you own the Collector’s Pack or if you’re a Defense Council member, you’ll find these Tower Skins when you login
  5. Buy "Year one hero pack" You got every heroes there. (6heroes unlocked). Well look at DD2 DLC page in steam. xD
  6. It take some time though. From my exp, I solo from C3 - C5 (well I got gears from pre-patch) C3 > C4 I failed 4 times until I got lucky got 1 mythical medallion then upgrade and got legendary so well it's depend on luck too. After that I can finish Wave 5 in C4 and continue farming for 20 ascension levels. Then move from C4 > C5 this is hell. I failed atleast 10 times (at wave 2-3) before I got nice medallion , armor. And now I can afk C5 xD Well I want to say keep trying don't quit only those who don't quit success. Try different builds , different heroes etc.
  7. I think it's probably not gonna drop anymore. This patch incursion changed a lot. Usually special items drop in nightmare mode but there is no nightmare mode anymore. So probably removed for now until there is incursion chaos.. (Maybe)
  8. Still grinding for PDT explosive loll. Been farming since ascension 150 now 250+. PS. watch movies while afk farming haha xD. C3 with C5 gears
  9. How do they get 10 bags? I got max bags before this patch (15bags). I still have 9 bags with no option to purchase that tenth bag.
  10. Using medal to upgrade. Upgrade like 20 levels don't need to max. Then when you got highest possible stat for those item you max out. Here look at this in "How Loot Works" https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XxXQo-SFDOfrUQ1nq37nHItTcIEDRn80M23xWS0mfM8/edit%23gid=1896230746 You need lots of medals for example I get my gears on C5 (when I was c4) I used about 2k medals just to upgrade everything I got. (4 medallions for builders / all AP/HH gears). Don't worry I waste my life time 70hrs this week just to grind for some shards :O
  11. Believed in Karma. I gave a ride to new players (c1 maps) they got Deadly Strike while I got bulwark , inspiration ....
  12. Is it useful? Well right now I got Enhanced poison for PDT. But I want to try Explosive poison. Is it worth using?
  13. Use monk it's easiest to kill siege roller. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/144119/see-comment?scrollTo=1273376#1273376 Well even monk gear c4 can take down roller c5 in about 4 pole smashes.
  14. Well if I were you I think I gonna read all patch notes. They changed thing a lot. Now wall in endgame gear can have almost 3m hp at lvl 1. Maybe watch youtube. It's not easy to catch up what it is right now. There are no Nightmare mode > only Chaos. Also It's right lvl 1 with no stat can have 30k hp. It's normal xD
  15. Doing C1 public from Ascension 150 - 180 (keep all shards open at once) got 1 range then I accidently sell it with those garbage shards.... :(
  16. I see. I will try that. Well just got legendary crit dmg 0/60 C5 it would be waste to sell this :O Thanks
  17. ^title. IMO DP medallion is much stronger than crit dmg.
  18. I agree with this. We need medal's event. It's okay for old players. But what about new players? They got no money they got no medals. I help my friends and they can only get to Chaos 1 Gear because these systems used too much medals / money.. In terms of upgrade medal is much much cheaper than using gold. PS. This patch isn't newbie friendly at all. 3 of my friends already quit because they feel boring.
  19. Well ascension lvl 156 got 1 range still farming C1... I just afk and watch movies lol. Auto g...
  20. Oh I see. Well I guess I will delete this post then. Or other people will abuse this. I think everyone is using it already. I resubmitted the bug report i made last year today, after reading your post. Hopefully it gets fixed at some point :) I see. Oh well then it should be nice to be fix. Then I will leave it here :D. Well atleast I can cheese this siege roller for sometimes xD
  21. Oh I see. Well I guess I will delete this post then. Or other people will abuse this.
  22. My gears is just Chaos 4 well if Chaos 5 probably you can make 1 hit around 5-8m.
  23. Well I just test "Smashing Fists" shard from Monk weapon and it work really nice against siege roller. My pole smash deal about 600k but this shard it x4 of my initial dmg. First > http://i.imgur.com/lLFRabM.jpg Then > My pole smash deal 600k .. First fist deal 1.25m and second fist 1.25m (around this). Not sure if this intended or bug because this shard deal 60k dmg to anything else beside siege roller. (Other boss this shard deal just 60k)
  24. Is it useful? I'm not sure Defense Health = Defense health stat that builder has or Defense hp of wall (example 2m) Because I think even 15k DH stat when shard trigger will get just 37.5k hp for 5 secs
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