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  1. Come on, 3 just for new textures, terrible ones at that? Such a rip-off.
  2. Oh I'm still playing, I just won't be buying any more DLC. It's just a scam here.
  3. Why was my post deleted? I posted the plain and simple truth, that this speech is just PR rubbish. Whats going on here?
  4. I was led to believe that these gender swapped heroes were entirely new. They are just horribly modelled and textured, and the towers are nothing more than a recolour of the original towers. And I actually paid for this? Feels like buying a computer off a guy on the side of the road and being sold nothing more than an empty case. I feel completely had here. What a scam. Thats the end of my roadside deals with Trendy.
  5. To all these people saying that developers need to charge money for DLC, I have to ask. How do you think games developers survived in the past patching and updating games for years before DLC was even a thing? Diablo 2 had one expansion and was patched for god knows how long, they survived quite well without having to charge people for DLC every month. I don't get why people suddenly think developers NEED to charge people for DLC in order to make money. It's a stupid notion coming from people who obviously have no business sense whatsoever.
  6. While I don't necessarily agree these should have been paid DLC, arguing over such a small thing is a waste of time and energy. thats how companies make their money. Small charges here and there leaving people to think 'well it's a complete rip-off, but it's only 2, what the hell'. It's all bull****.
  7. Same here, I'm actually happy with the DLC. I just find the community to be pathetic right now. I mean, seriously, this game has dished out more content than more then HALF of the full priced $60 games, and only for $15. Now, they release some DLC that, if your a developer like me and knows how hard the crap is to do, is actually worth the full price. I mean seriously, Gears 3 released a $10 dlc with an unlock Key and horde content, and thats it. Trendy released a $5 DLC with 4 heros with unique stats, models, animations, and power. Yesterday was just sad to see what people were saying. I f
  8. You didn't buy it, you don't get the benefits from it. I don't see how is that unfair. Hang on, are you saying that it's a good thing when companies sell us a game with no subscription fees, and then tell us we have to buy DLC if we want to continue playing on a competitive level? DLC is supposed to be additions to gameplay, not pay 2 win material. False advertising.
  9. I know right? It's like some people never heard of league of legends. you don't seem to understand the problem here at all. Did you ever hear league of legends saying that they were going to give the skins for free, and then instead saying 'sorry, you have to pay for them. We lied'? No, I haven't either. Trendy have though.
  10. I'll start by saying I would usually pay for the DLC. This is a good game and the cost is low. But I won't. Why? Simple. Trendy said not too long ago that all DLC would be free for some time, and then it would cost money. That clearly was an outright lie. I don't pay liars.
  11. I just lost on that map on insane wave 14 because a kobold in an earlier wave managed to phase through my defences and hit the crystal, taking it down to half health, then mages kept summoning skeletons on top of the crystal while I was busy repairing. Only took an hour to get to wave 14, I made 5mil and got some useable items. I don't think I'm geared to get any higher than 14 or 15 though, I was really struggling :( It's frustrating wanting to play but being unable to succeed due to enemies glitching through your defences ALL the time.
  12. haha thats a pretty good song, I'm enjoying it. Glad to see some people still retain good music taste!
  13. * PvE: Made lowest-quality loot get deleted from the ground when exceeded, not the oldest ones. Love this new patch idea right here. The problem with that is, they way it's calculated is all wrong. Items I'd consider good with high tower stats and upgrade levels, the game would consider worse than something with high hero stats and low upgrade levels. The whole thumbs up system needs to be rethought.
  14. It's amazing. I went to play shogun with a friend for a few hours, came on to check the forums to find TWO new patches while I've been gone -_- I'm afraid to leave to sleep, I'll return to some new CoD style game or something.
  15. So, 7.10 patch. >patch >Fix patch >Fix the fix of the patch >Fix the fix of the fix of the patch >Fix the fix of the fix of the fix of the patch >insist playtesting really does happen Ermm.....
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