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  1. I don't know if this is a math issue, but bows with more attacks per second have that stat listed in red when compared to bows with lower attack speed
  2. Honestly, I can see the positives to this. Smashing eggs and getting Shellium wouldn't detract anything from the game. It would speed up progression to endgame content. I have difficulty seeing the point of having a rot time in the first place. Did they intend to let people use gems to bypass rot time? The way I see it, it's going to take people more than two days to reach level 50 anyway, so putting in this time-based barrier to content just seems archaic. If people are progressing quickly and need Shellium for power progression, it's going to discourage those players from actually playing since their inventory is full of eggs waiting to rot.
  3. You can sell items between waves
  4. I was doing some testing on a huntress (first DD2 character for me) to see how hero crit works. It was a bit difficult at first because I had no idea how multiple projectiles and attack speed factored into overall hero DPS. I eventually figured it out through a lot of testing with bows of various attack speeds and projectiles. It turned out to be surprisingly simple, but that's not the point of this post. The point is to state how lackluster hero crit damage is. Crit Damage, for those who don't know, merely adds a flat amount to any attack that crit. For example, if you had 1,000 Hero Damage, 20% chance to crit, and 500 Hero Crit Damage, you would have a 20% chance of critting and dealing 1,500 damage. Very simple. The problem is that, unless you have 100% crit chance, crit damage will ALWAYS be overshadowed by Hero Damage. And even with 100% crit chance (which is impossible, I believe), it would be equal. It doesn't help that after crit damage and hero damage reach their soft caps in the SAS, crit damage goes up by 3.5 per point while hero damage goes up by 5! Let's say that the character in question has 50% crit chance, a very high amount of crit chance. For every point that this huntress puts into crit damage, she is essentially receiving a 1.75 damage boost (since she's getting a 50% chance of adding 3.5 damage). Alternatively, she could put the points into hero damage and gain a flat out 5 damage boost per point; nearly three times the point efficiency compared to crit damage. The way crit damage is implemented now, it has several issues that need to be resolved before any players even consider it a worthwhile investment: 1. Flat-out worse than hero damage if compared point-for-point. 2. Is found in the same quantities as hero damage on gear, making it an inferior stat on any piece of gear. 3. Really only has a use when hero damage is capped out as it is the only other way to increase the damage of a hero's attacks. this makes it feel like a backup stat that just feels bad to put points into. I don't have a sure-fire solution to this problematic stat, but here's my best take on how to tackle it: Remove it and make crits deal a flat % of the base hit. I would throw out 125%, myself. I don't know what the number should be, but it should make investing in crit chance feel worth it. The way it appears in the game now, it is almost useless. TL;DR Hero crit damage is literally a worse version of hero damage and should be removed or overhauled into a stat that has a purpose.
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