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  1. point taken. There is no way to move up the ipwr ladder without a good party. This really sucks, mostly because there is not a good match making in place. If I find a game its mostly a group with: - a way to low item level and we are just hoping that a single item drops in the first wave :( - only huntresses join the party, not a single builder (which made be level up builders) For me, the missing, balanced match-making made me lose interest in this game. Not being able to find a decent group, spending hours to find good players and not being able to make much of a difference in NM4. It is supposed to be hard, yeah... but almost unreachable in a bearable time, no. There is already enough XP farming going on with the same content over and over again; I pledge for more variety or less farming. Make other maps interesting and playable to farm; balance the map difficulty, map length as well as item and XP rewards... maybe it ll get more interesting then.
  2. I bought like 4 bags 32 slots. Being only one Char it worked with the given ones, but having 4 characters I had to get more bags. Which gave me just another idea I have to add to the list ^^
  3. Hi there, with Steam being the only way to join friends in-game at the moment (btw. we need a better option) whilst hitting the join game I always get the "matchmaking failed" error. I have to repeat this like a million times to get into my friend's private tavern. This is really annoying; I dont know if it is because of server overload, but please fix it - best by changing the join feature in-game as well. Greeting RogueHero
  4. FYI: I am playing using WIN10 x64 as well, mostly everything is fine.
  5. Hi there, I am not sure if any dev is gonna read this, so I wont waste my and your time explaining everything in detail; just a small list we could discuss further: a) MUST: Make loot light beams toggle-able b) MUST: Inventory handling smaller bags so more items fit next to each other; keep 32 slotspossibility to drop items on the bag in the list to move it OR make more bags fit on the screen (button to show a list maybe or very small icons)Improve Filter for Items over ALL bags (hero, item level, ...) I wanna play the game not clean up the inventory every fracking timeb2) SHOULD: Make those bags with character-icon ONLY for those characters to pick up stuff or limit bags to certain characters somehow b3) MUST: Restore balance in the XP rewards; cant be that I have to farm EASY to get good XP for my lvl 36 squire c) SHOULD: Better match making including: more ppl to talk to in the tavern or globally; better ways to find ppl with high iPWR c2) MUST: Friends Menu in-game; not via STEAM d) SHOULD: Player names in game next to the icon e) CAN: Show player level in tavern "ESC" menu f) CAN: DPS Meter in matches g) CAN: Maybe a little less loot spam - just a little? h) LATER: More campaigns, it is already getting boring after 40h of gameplay Also leveling a char from 32 onward is a pain in the ass. I want to be able to farm end game not midgame Thank you for your time ready my suggestions Regards update 18.10: added b2,b3,c2
  6. hi there, I am not sure if I am having the same issues sometimes (had it like 5 times), BUT: - they are only during server lag times (only weapons appearing, not being able to join matches, ...) - if I wait long enough, the screen reappears (though during the black screen I can hit ESC and see the player list) Can you see a player list hitting ESC? Then it might just be a server lag issue.
  7. The server is lagging for me as well. Produces quite some interesting abnormalities like the screen being black in the tavern after quit&join (though I can access the "player overview" with ESC. Matchmaking is not working, always getting a server busy message. Kinda annoying atm. p.s. While it is lagging I am also not seeing the other player skins; sometimes only weapons running around.
  8. After finishing the campaign, free play on hard and trying out all the little gimmicks in the tavern around lvl 34 I am pretty much bored right now. I agree on some level that the XP curve is out of balance, though with a little more content or adjusted mode difficulty (easy/normal/hard) - where you actually have a goal on beating hard on a high level - leveling up could be fun. I personally think an item level of 120 to successfully clear the hardest free play map is to low. I need a higher goal in order to keep playing - just farming sucks. BTW: when I started playing I was kinda disappointed that the campaign is so very short. Hope there are more maps coming fast as the game progress.
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