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  1. It's possible that these -or at least some- items actually have a higher cap than we first thought (e.g. here 28 vs 27), and we just haven't seen any because the chance of them dropping are astronomically low. It might explain why there have been some alleged instances on various forums of finding certain items with x upgrades. On one of the video guide threads here in the console forum a user had a mobile moxie with 30 upgrades. No way to know for sure without some sort of confirmation from Trendy, though.
  2. After logging in earlier and checking out one of my buddy's trophy lists I realized that Dungeon Defenders actually showed up in my (online) trophy list. Didn't have problems sync-ing either. If this is real and not just me tripping balls, thank you.
  3. You guys shouldn't get your hopes up for the DLC fixing many -if any- issues. They've already stated they are forbidden to piggyback patch data onto DLCs because it would cause non-DLC users to be on different version of the game. I have some strong opinions about this DLC but I'll just keep them to myself for now. Here is the source (edit: it's in the second little paragraph).
  4. Is there any reason in particular you want to get to wave 25? On console the giraffe is for wave 30 and the achievement is for wave 20. Have you considered trying towers/auras from other classes to supplement your squire defenses? Depending on your Squire's stats you might benefit from something like an electric aura in the front to deal with kobolds and mages before they get in range of your towers (as well as thinning out the crowd) and maybe an inferno or proxy trap to get electric immune mobs. It will be more hand on in terms of repairs but it should help quite a bit.
  5. If you set a time with others and need another gun I'll help you out if I'm available. I'll add you later tonight.
  6. I absolutely read your post. There is no reason to get snarky or defensive -in bold colors and aggressive font sizing, no less- as we are all here to help each other out. I have also read a number of other posts around these forums that also seem to corroborate my post (many of which are NOT on the PS3). Callum's experience also seems to support the notion, and he is on the 360. And perhaps more cogently, the Spanky/Darkbot issue was confirmed by one of the devs here. Although the latter entry was specific to the PC version, the base game data between versions are pretty similar. Since
  7. Great work, quality guides are unfortunately few and far between (especially on console). I like how you have an introductory video to get your stats out of the way early and still have it easily accessible for those that are curious. Just a suggestion on Wizardry is to replace the Slice and Dices with Bouncers and cover them with Strength Drain Auras. You won't have to worry much about replacing the blockades as long as your team has the presence of mind to repair/keep things topped up.
  8. Just looking for a good tracker and resistance gear as now (please see the OP)
  9. I don't think that note is accurate for consoles. Many comments suggested that it is actually those two (darkbot and spanky) that are bugged and that users should instead opt for the variants found in Alchemical Labs and Servant's Quarters instead. For what it's worth I didn't get the trophy (on PS3) when I had Spanky and Darkbot in my inventory, nor when I had Darkbot and a hamster from Servant's Quarters. It wasn't until I also got the laser robot from the Labs that I got the trophy.
  10. I'd probably go with Magina's Last Glaive from insane Monster Fest or Ogre's Childhood Toy from insane Unlikely Allies. Magina's has a similar ranged base and boosts your hero and tower boosts, and the Childhood Toy has a lower base but gives a significant boost to your monk auras. It might also be a little easier to get a better roll because the two weapons I mentioned are obtained from Insane, whereas the Skyreaper is from < Insane.
  11. I've read some posts around here that they may go as high as 29 upgrades. However, I've also read comments that beetle rolls may be bugged on glitter hard. I know when I was running glitter hard I thought something was off because all the exterminators had only 14-17 upgrades. That leaves medium (and easy?), so the chance of rolling great stats aren't as high. For that reason, the OP may want to consider a Soul Focuser, which is easy to obtain/farm, and also benefits from insane mode drop multipliers. Food for thought. Edit: Also OP might want to mention which console he/she is on.
  12. I might be able to help you out, but not sure about the time difference and connection strength. Having said that, most of those challenges (save for maybe DFA) are easier or at least a little less of a hassle with 4 players. Have you tried hosting them in pub games? If you have a decent tower monk and squire and know the general building strategies (where applicable) all you'll need are some decent dps huntresses, which should be easy enough to get in a pub. I'll try adding you later though.
  13. I honestly believe they are doing what they can, however they need to reconsider their priorities at this point in time. Cross-platform play was one of the major selling points for this game, but at the rate the PC and console versions are being (not) patched, we may never see it in our lifetime (with this game). Especially with such a small team, how can you rationalize devoting so much time to creating new content when there is a not insignificant user base that NEEDS basic fixes - SOMETHING - to ensure that their game will at least function as intended without having to rely on superstiti
  14. Updated. Added a Malificar's Rapier a hybrid Squire might want and my old Draconis Ignis (~105-115k DPS with decent charge technique).
  15. Be careful as laser robots from throne room will not count towards the trophy.
  16. Don't know about xbox, but on ps3 it says "on at least medium". You're fine.
  17. To initiate a secure trade you go up to the person and hit square, which will open up the trade window. If you would like to add items to the trade you go to your item box and you'll see in the top right there'll be an option to add items to the trade by hitting L3 or viewing the trade status by hitting select (from the item box, you can also hit r1 from pause I think). Once both parties have added the items/mana they both have to hit start before the trade will be processed.
  18. Wave 23 medium on Alch Lab. No freezing but pretty heavy graphical lag during the first half of the later waves. I've had it freeze on wave 17 of Foundries Insane towards the end of the mob, though oddly enough there was less lag. I'm on an un-modded PS3 Slim.
  19. Edit: I will give priority to people that are willing to trade for some of the items I'm looking for as opposed to paying with straight up mana/mana value items, so please check your item boxes before making an offer. I'm currently looking for: - 27 upgrade Crystal Tracker with 115+ base and 5 SPS. Will also consider fully upgraded ones. - Resistance gear in plate (helm, gloves, and armor) and chain (helm and boots) with solid resistances across the board (~12%+) and 18-20 upgrades. No single digit resistances, 1 stat can be low (like 10) if the other 3 are around 13-15 and there are eno
  20. Yeah it'd be nice if there was some sort of registration with event rollover so that if you didn't make it the first round you'd be higher in the queue for the next event. This would also allow everyone to have a chance, although it would be more work for the devs. Thanks for the events, I appreciate what you are trying to do. I just wish it could be done in a more equitable way (maybe host pubs and boot people that have already participated?). Even though I haven't been able to participate, I did find out I received an invite for the last event (after I had logged out). I just don't ha
  21. I had survival freeze for the first time while screwing around on Foundries Insane Wave 17 (1-2k from end of wave). It's odd there was a bit of a drop in frame rate, but it wasn't as bad as what I had while doing Alch Labs (medium wave 20-23) so I thought I was good to go. On: PS3 Slim 250GB
  22. Please make it so that map elements that hang from the ceiling have their opacity dialed down or turn invisible when you switch to the overhead view while building. It's annoying and unnecessary to have things like chandeliers obscure your view while you are trying to place and angle your turrets. This obviously isn't an issue on all maps, but where it is, it is frustrating (e.g. throne room, some parts of glitterhelm). I'm not sure if this has been patched on the PC.
  23. Bugs: - Collecting a golden mana token after completing the wave will skip the next wave (or complete the challenge if occurring after wave 8) on treasure hunt. - On monster fest mobs sometimes fall through the holes at the northern most part of the bridge but do not die. If harpoons are being used as the primary defense they will lock on to the mobs beneath the bridge and never fire as they cannot shoot through the bridge. This can lead to an unfair death/timeout.
  24. I think the problem is that they've been a little too eager to please. I feel like too many changes have been knee-jerk reactions to the vocal minority whose gaming habits aren't representative of the general dd pop (most of whom will never even bother looking up these forums). Rather than taking time to put potential changes under the microscope, they've just pushed out change on top of change. Not all for the better. Some nerfs were indeed necessary, but when you talk about dropping a tower/ability's effectiveness by 30-50% in one fell swoop, you really need to review your process. Th
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