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  1. That's sad news, I really wanted to mod stuff, and yeah, I haven't "really" played since 2015, I logged in 2016 but since it was the same thing I uninstalled the same day, but if it's actually been great then I might just install it right now :D
  2. First one: 2 years ago DD2 wasn't moddable, almost a year ago it still wasn't... is it moddable yet?, or are there any plans for it? I'd love to make skins, tweak models, make new props (etc.), that's why I'm wondering this Second one: Has the developer team move in the right direction yet?, as in, listening to the community, I don't wanna start a war, it's just curiosity (I made a similar thread a year ago, so I wanna know if there has been any changes) These are the highlight "problems" from the old thread Balance has been awful for over a year and each hero continues to have only 2 or so useful parts of their kit. A huge push for new heroes every month with the quality of the heroes slipping through each release.A disastrous end-game due to the failing Item System and lack of reasonable gear grind (and a good version of Onslaught.)Trendy seemingly refusing to listen to the community or testers, yet will defend with their dying breath that they are.Right now it's layers, and layers of RNG locked behind obnoxious grind.Insane amount of bugs, some horrifically game breaking.
  3. That's an awesome idea, hopefully Trendy pays attention to this kind of suggestions :D
  4. My bad lol Hmm I see, has Trendy ever said anything regarding a Steam Workshop for Dungeon Defenders 2? (at least I can't its workshop), that could bring new players, since there are plenty of modders out there, and plenty of players who would love to use them, have they mentioned anything about it?
  5. I can agree with this, I got bored real fast after farming NM4 for few weeks, there was nothing else to do :l
  6. I made this thread because I was legitimately wondering why its losing players relatively fast, I'm not concerned about it, I'm just curious and nothing else, so why do you comment in a btchy defensive manner?, you remind me of Feminists.
  7. Yea, that's where I saw it, is it accurate?
  8. So nothing changed? :l it doesn't look like its growing (I'm not sure if steamcharts.com its accurate) I mean, if a game is holding a big player base it must be doing something right, so it actually matters in a sense 
  9. I started playing back when the game became free (around September 2015), the player base was around 10k for a month or so, and the last time I played was back in November 2015 (around 5k player base), back then farming the hardest maps required an specific strategy, no variety, it felt as repetitive as a MOBA, so it got boring really fast. Said that, today I was wandering through my steam library and saw DD2, I went to check its player base and noticed its sitting around 1.5k players, what's preventing the growth of the game?, what problems is the game facing? Player count:
  10. Did you changed armor?, maybe you unequiped Hearty gear
  11. I had two entire bags of bows then I started using them for enhancing other items, I can't get a legendary bow with Defense Power, 10% Tripwire and 5% Defense Critical Chance
  12. Its a bug I think, they should be fixing it soon so premium pets have their ability skin
  13. You get a bearicade!, and you get a bearicade!, everyone gets bearicades!
  14. Nightmare 4 is "harder" but nothing different, you'll be able to solo it within days
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