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  1. Thanks for your input Aheadatime. You think if the standard or focus of feedback "improved" the devs would pay more attention, yet a very thorough bug report thread received no love. Your posts certainly make me think that player feedback stands little chance of doing much damage, but like politicians, will they spend their time pandering to the repeated nonsense requests, rather than getting the job done?
  2. Great points ram. Your middle paragraph is what I'm driving at. Thanks for giving a point of view related to my question.
  3. Thanks defenders. A good start to the conversation. Well, at least those who actually contributed to it. The irony is that half these posts are suggestions. (Which there is another area for). What this does show is that as players, we are passionate about this game and want it to be great. So much so, that we can't help voicing our opinions, even in a thread about not voicing our opinions. I am pleased that there are examples of the devs powering through with their own vision. If Van Gogh had listened to public opinion, we would have lost his work. On the other hand, (and I hesitate to
  4. Thanks for the response, but that wasn't my question. My point is, without our influence DD1 was great. My fear is that with our influence, DD2 may not be.
  5. I have 1250 hours in DD1, 200 in DDE and 120 in DD2. I fear that some of the player suggestions are going to detract from the work of art this game could become. I understand that this game was built on the influence system, but some of the ideas given by the player base may end up destroying the fun of the game, (for me / for others)? I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this, but a couple of recent "successes" of public opinion seem to be negative to the long term enjoyment of the game. I'll give examples. The difficulty of the monthly quest being halved, (I know there were other
  6. Many people have spoken on Darkpython's stream. We want penguin eggs. We want penguin pets. We want a penguin boss with a blowtorch!
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