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  1. That's what's what I assumed, thanks.
  2. So I'm still relatively new to the game and don't know everything there is to know, i currently have a dps huntress, but I'm curious if dps apprentice is a viable option? Have any of you tested, what was the results? and if it works, what spheres would you use for it?
  3. U can also just unequip the pet and put it back on, usually does the trick.
  4. That sounds like a good way to do it, glad I'm not the only one. Let's hope trendy agrees with us!
  5. So i've been playing quite alot lately, going through all the different difficulties of the game. And what i feel like is theres not enough people playing the different qm difficulties, now that I finally have good enough gear for nm4, and can grind it quite easily, so i decide to open my games for people that maybe have been struggling with it solo, but can do nm3 no problem and are just looking for that little push. But instead all I get are fresh 50s who skip the whole grind aspect of the game, and just decide "oh well no point doing insane, nm1-3 since i can just join a public nm4 game an
  6. To unlock the different chests styles you have to play as the apprentice and "level up" your costume. This adds another dynamic to the costume system for players wanting to show off they didn't only buy a costume, but they also wrecked content while wearing the costume. I know. I wrote that i have them unlocked, i bought them. All of them. But i can't change the chest one
  7. Idk if everyone has this issue, but i have all magma apprentice skins unlocked, but i can't change the chest. When i try to change it it seems like it changes until i exit out of the interface and im back in the normal chest
  8. Just got on, after grinding the monthly quest for hours upon hours, needing 5 more skeleton kills. To see that it's been completely reset, please tell me you guys are working on a fix?
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