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  1. i never use spiked barricades, i use magic barriers instead, since they don't cause any damage thus warriors will just run into it and keep running (not moving or attacking them or anything) while they try to get to the fireball towers behind. Its an interesting flaw in the AI to say the least. The same works for ogres on harder maps as well. I dont know, they keep destroying my barriers like no tomorrow.
  2. Mage fireball or arrow through the wall, does insane damage at high levels.
  3. Seriously? So everyone has 8 alts, level 70, just to do this? Well atleast me and everyone i know.
  4. Are you using strenght drain auras? 5x (2 fireball, 1 mm, ensnare, electring, str drain) + 2x (somehting for antiair) = done and done
  5. 1. Mages spawning skeletons through wall and behind your defences. 2. Mages shooting fireballs through walls. 4. Mages deciding to stay at spawn and not move, just heal and summon. 5. Ninjas deciding to rape your towers instead of your hero. 6. Ogres shooting slime at crystal. 7. Random arrows from archers hitting crystal. 8. Kobolts running through walls. 9. Too many mobs spawning and getting stuck. 10. One of these and you just wasted +3 hours.
  6. Pro tip: Build your defences in a way that they dont start summoning skeletons down there.
  7. Got 0 over 40up armor when playing labs to level 20, best was something like 36 ups. Has something changed?
  8. ****ing great buggy alch lab. 0 towers dead, 0 towers dmg, everything walled, CRYSTAL TAKES DAMAGE FOR NO REASON!
  9. Got 2 friends on, we did it agan and got to wave 20. Our crystal just died. None of us saw any mobs or attacks on the crystal something totally glitched it. :( Thats what happened to me on wave 17. So wierd, 0 towers dead or even damaged but crystal just explodes. Even the towers near crystal had 100% :| Also before that it got random damage 2 times, could see what it was but it happened when i respawned at crystal.
  10. Does the super loot come from pure strategy or survival only?
  11. He's probably a noob and didn't know the upgrades can go pass 40? Also relevent.. Yep less resistances and -stats. Further proves my point.
  12. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?24876-Post-your-7.10-Super-Loot-Here! Peruse this. Stop being so whiny. Lol. I have seen those. Nothing in that thread compares to seen in this topic.
  13. dumb luck ? idk they are possible those stats... they can even be higher (40+ upgrade levels) so if he hacked them why didnt he hack those instead ? All the 40^+ ups i have seen had ****ty stats compared to those.
  14. People got those items the minute they came out, use the search feature. Stop trolling and show me the pictures.
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