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  1. When exactly is it that the patches are being released GMT?
  2. Support???? we needs assistance with this for last Objective this event..
  3. i cant start it either with any of my friends neither in solo nor with social tavern.
  4. i aint got the Chaos elemental uber yet, getting it next. my apprentice lacks quite abit of gear aswell does my waller from what i can hear, just very rarely gets any items with hearty blockade etc.
  5. Atm NM 4 is scaled way up? It is so hard to achieve gear that can compete with the monsters I have farmed gear now for 3 weeks NM 3. Any suggestions to what I can do to easier get into NM 4?
  6. Hello i honestly think i am speaking for most of the danish players atleast maybe also other nationals about the drop down window currently onto my danish keyboard removing my letter Æ cause of its english placement it really annoys me when playing with my danish friends and having to write abit that i cant type it. any chance you could make us able of changing the keybind for it? Maybe even changing it to Tab where you got the same thing but in a small window instead?
  7. tecnically no. cause 1/s is 100% of the damage in 1 spraydown. while 4/s is only 25%. personally i prefer 2/s+ the 1/s is just too slow but with 1/s i 1shots the larger standard mobs onto NM2-3 basically its same damage but in more often burst or larger.
  8. i honestly think its like this for everyone my FPS goes down to 45 ish first 5 min and after that i am solid onto 60+ didnt really track the cpu usage tho. but ill try and see
  9. also tried oppesit where mobs didnt block each other, the path was fully blocked off by walls but when 20+ mobs clump up some of them gets pushed through the wall.
  10. Hello playing multiplayer incursion with my friend and last 2 rounds we had to reset due to a wierd bug. I will try and explain exactly what happened. Situation 1: We started a game and he had no problems taking mana. he then went to mid of map to drop it meanwhile i was onto inventory to change character. when i got back out i took my mana but hes was gone. Situation 2: 2nd playtime we had another similare bug happening as i was onto the correct character i didnt need to switch to we both went to open chest for mana. he didnt recieve any so we had only 600 in total that round aswell..
  11. Roman Ninja really depends all of the builds are viable but atm but here are some good examples: squire: Turret Build (phys dmg): Defence Power + Defence Crit damage (with both speed and range from Stats). Defense Crit Chance 2nd stats. Wall Build (defense): Defense Health + Hero Health (with 200 stats into Defense Health and 180 into Hero Health) 2nd stat should be Hearty Blockade. Huntress: Phys: Hero Damage + Hero Crit chance (with 200 stats into Hero Damage and 180 into Hero Crit Damage). 2nd stat should be Hero Critical Chance. Magic traps: Defence Power + Defence Crit damage (with both
  12. My Location: Denmark, RandersMy Friend's Location: Denmark, EsbjergInvited My Friend to My Private Tavern: Worked/Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]] (or matchmaking error)Invited My Friend to My Social Tavern: Worked/Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]] (or matchmaking error)Invited My Friend to My Private Match (an actual map): Worked/Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]] (or matchmaking error)Invited My Friend to My Public Match (an actual map): Worked/Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]] (or matchmaking error)
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