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  1. Are you sure that Norton wouldnt block DD2 in the Firewall? Please check this, because you got a connection issue and I bet here is the problem located. Try to put "DungeonDefenders.exe" from directoy "..\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\Binaries\Win32" into an exception rule for Norton AntiVirus. Incomming and Outcomming signals. (TCP/UDP) Tutoral for adding Exceptions in Norton Products: http://www.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1269 Small Adivce: Norton is aimed to used for office with big networks and high sensitive data. For you its better to use Avast Free AntiVirus or buying a license of Kas
  2. CarlCz, first Win7 Ultimate is not made for Home Computer Systems! Its a Developer OS which uses a different Memory Management as the Home Versions. Win7 Ultimate was concipated to run on Industrial PC's which having sometimes close to 768GB RAM and 2 Processors installed on one mainboard. Often a Problem in the home sector when the games wouldnt run, because the Memory Management of Windows has first to be reconfigured before some apps would running. Dont use Win10! Dont understand that guys out there... What does you want with Win10? Did you think its safer, faster or something like that? I
  3. Please become familiar that nobody can help you, when you not post some specs about your machine which you played on. Which Datas are relevant? Did you play on a Laptop or Desktop? Operation System? (Which .NET Framework Redistributals are installed?) Did you play DD2 with Steam? - Did you start Steam regular or with Administrator Privilegs? AntiVirus Software? All drivers are up to date? (Graficcard, Mainboard/Chipset, Soundcard and so on....) Did you got problems with other games which using the Awesomium AntiCheat Process? (Smite, Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend and so on) or with other Anti
  4. When a program is not finished then it gets revisions. Revisions are a sign for Test stated Software and Debugging. What a product is or what the vendor tries to sell you, are 2 different kind of shoes. [OnTopic]Also is the Error located on Windows 10, its a Microsoft Purpose and can not be changed or fixed by trendy.[/OnTopic] Microsoft told us since ca. 20 years that Windows is the safest Operation System for the World Wide Web. How often break Microsoft this promise? ;)
  5. Thats also not a problem. The Scavenger in the tavern collects all items which flows over your inventory. He hold that items for 90mins? for you.
  6. You can say whatever you think. Win10 is not a finished product and wouldnt be! At the moment has Win10 big problems with the direct X API. Thats the Problem with DirectDraw 2D Render which actually exist on nearly every graficsadapter. RTM means a finished product would be shipped to the customer and nothing else! The most RTM Software today is controlling software for microcontrollers.
  7. You might wanna check your sources there. Windows 10 has been RTM since july 15th and released to general public on july 29th, 2015. RTM means "Release to Manufacturing". Only a small bunch of software published now is RTM. Read about what this means and you see a hoax to feed the farmers with bull***. :)
  8. Why not taking them all? Equip what you need and sell the rest. Autoloot and "Select All" in Sell Mode are your best friend.
  9. Folks & Technology a bad combination today. Yes, the Game is Alpha and your Operation System is Beta. This Bug Report is a Fail Report, because the Problem is Win10 and not the Game. (DirectX Issue) Facit: It can not be fixed by trendy, because its not their source! Did you understand this now? If all Win10 Tester would read their monthly Changelog & contributing usefull Feedback then they would know problems like that.
  10. Did you tried it, when both are in a private tavern and one of you joins? Did try to connect over steam?
  11. You never wonder about the warning signs on food like Peanuts? "The Product can be contain traces of Nuts & Eggs!" DD2 is an Alpha Product and I bet my blood & life that Win10 will be a full supported Operation System when the game wents away from beta! Also when we speak from an Alpha Product. The specs are only a prospectivly goal which the developers aims on. You have to go back to Win7 or Win8, because your are not a knowledged Software or Operation System Tester. Whats your benefit to use an untested OS when you are not able to contribute usefull feedback? Are you a Hardware or
  12. open with notepad "..\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini" CTRL + F Type into the form row "Fullscreen=True" without the "" press Enter change it to Fullscreen=False Save & Close Start DD2
  13. Operation System? Antivirus Software? Special Internet Connection like over mobile phone or something like that?
  14. Hey Trendy Team, Got to submit a really annoying bug, but its only a small issue. I also found a workaround to bypass the bug. Scenario: 2 players had played a few rounds and staying in private tavern to wait for a friend. The friend boots steam & dd2 first the day. He tries to join and becomes 2 different Kind of Errors. 508 - Session Verification Error or it throws an unparsed Error String "Error?Sessions?blubb..." Troubleshooting: For now it seems if the friend of the 2 players cant join, but he can. The friend must open a new private tavern and the other 2 players must join. That
  15. When I understand right than did you use your mobile phone as modem and then wondering how you disconnect from any service which you actually using? :) Your mobile phone and the connection protcoll which them uses is not made for so much connections. Start TSĀ³, DD2 and nothing else. Thats a bit more as 20 connections and can be handled from the most LTE devices. For Example: In Networks its not only necessary which bandwith exist. Its also necessary which hardware ressources in closed Network are exist. If you got an old Switch in a LAN, then can this switch throttle the whole bandwith from 1
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