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  1. How to disable the Halloween decoration in tavern ? I like the tavern without this superfluous.
  2. Anyone have already this bug ? THE bug ? After you play, your progress are lost ? I'm runing on windows 7 32bit, with steam, and a thing is REALY boring. I play ! no problem. I quit and just after I play again ! no problem. I do it again and my 2nd play progress are lost. I don't use steam cloud, and the Win32 is not read only ! Why I have this problem ??? I read the faq, in fact ALL FAQ I found ! No solutions ! And I play in local, SO there is NO servers ! Please and thanks for your answer !
  3. I just arive, so I don't know all post. Did you make the short or the long tutorial ? I earn this archivement INGAME (not in steam) in local with the long tutorial
  4. No, it's a good game, trendy too, so calm down, understand ? Make a game yourself and after we'll see. It's a big bug, and a bug can be fix ! Just wait or tell too they we wait, and we don't like it...
  5. Me, I play on local only (for the moment). For me, it's not in relation with trendynet, I think...
  6. Hello, I have a problem (my system is windows 7 32bit) : I had a bug with the game and I uninstall steam (so the game with that), install both, set steam cloud off, set off c:/.../dungeons defenders/.../Win32 "read only". I play, no problem, a squire, level 4 exit. Just after, I play again, new hero, a huntress, lvl 4 ; my squire lvl 6 Just after, I play an other time lost huntress, squire lvl4 Go back in time. What is it ? why ? what issue ? How can I fix it ? Thanks to answer. EDIT : Steam found 3 file with "verify cache", download they again, but nothing change, wiitho
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