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  1. I feel like you guys have ruined the charm and usefulness of the Weapon Manufacturer(it's ability to concentrate dps in one specific area). It's now almost identical to the flame aura, but costs way more and comes "fully upgraded", but less powerful than a fully upgraded flame aura.
  2. I feel like this addition to the game is a good move. Chaos 7 may be incredibly easy now but the true end of game content is onslaught mode. And we can challenge the mode to a much higher degree now.
  3. I agree, but also for pet materials and food. It gets annoying when I am messing with my pet stats and I have my sky bank full of pet materials but to use them I have to go all the way to the bank to get them. Why can't they just be used from the sky bank? Maybe showing us our total materials of a kind right there in the menu for rerolling pets would be nice aswell. And even an option to turn this system on or off in the settings would be fine aswell.
  4. Hello, this is my first post here. So I've noticed that sometimes when i'm distracted or in a rush, I forget to open the chest you earn at the end of a map. Would it not be a good idea that if you don't open the chest, when you click G(on pc) the chests open in the background and your autopick retrieves your loot?
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