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  1. now that i think about it. It may be your Harpoon positioning in north causing the issue. Next time i build it, ill post an SS of it. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=20825 thats my positioning roughly, the lower one helps out with the east lane (not sure if that is even needed, what do u think?)
  2. Nice insulting, i hope a mod takes a look at this thread soon... To the facts: this pet is worth 103m Mana @ vendor and my 152^ Pet with overall a bit less than half of max tower stats is worth 63m, so this is no prove still... Id really like an official telling me the truth, since im not arguing at all, and im interested if its legit or not myself... Really Rorschach, are u havin a bad day or something? U get a little bit too excited about blaming people on a game forum like u do... oO
  3. I agree with u - its reaaaally rare. Still there is no prove that it is hacked, the rarity or how common hacks are in dd dont determine its legality... This thread will go nowhere because only an official can tell the truth and people (not talking about u, Sakisan) are posting, even witout having experience or real knowledge about stuff on this level.
  4. Which proves what exactly about the pet? It just shows that it is very rare to get such stats. Ive found alot of Items with 6+ stats over 145 during misty runs.
  5. Don't know about pets, but the armors/weapons I checked all had 7% chance to be a negative hero/tower/ability stat, then if the stat was over 145, a 60% chance to be negative. Would be interesting to have math about pets then =)
  6. You can't be serious. You know it's hacked so stop complaining. Im not even complaining... oO
  7. First of all: Im the one having bought this pet and using it. I just wanna reply to some of ur posts and make my statement. Edit: Just actually read the post :o Soooooooooo, there once was picture of the pet in the tavern but it has now mysteriously disappeared... suuuuuuuuuuuuuure. I have also have a picture of my 6 foot ****, but imgageshack swallowed it^^ (the picture, not the ****, you pervert :p) No seriously this has haxx writen all over it, whoever bought that is a major moron. This is no argument at all, alot of people delete their screenshots of items after they sold them since
  8. ive adjusted quite alot and still had the same issue, but i guess i have to try more =) so the left spot next to the tree is blockable with 1 barricade for u? would u mind posting a screenshot of there? would really apprecciate it! :squire:
  9. how can u block the northern spot between the tree and the wall with just 1 barricade? ive also experienced ogres staying behind the tree attacking my walls with harpoons unable to shoot them, have u seen something similar and how did u handle it? thanks for all ur input and effort!
  10. im not comparing the them but simply the logic behind it... think of trendy as the police, and the server the station. they are aware of the hacking situation, they had this problem on mobile too.. and implemented the "final solution" but that didnt work to well just look at the mobile forums. anytime you do the problem to solve the problem then you are the problem. i know what u mean and i get the logic behind it, but i dont think u can put this onto any situation. i wasnt aware of a "final solution" on mobiles since i have never looked at their forums, could u give me a short comprehensi
  11. to compare the policy of a game with rl-crime is just not possible... it seems just like trendy isnt aware of the increasing number of hackers and how they are destroying the game, in this case it is worth a try to "open their eyes" with what has been done here. its just bad advertisement for them if the leaderboards are topped by an obvious hacker with, at least, a statement!
  12. more like you have no clue... bringing attention to the problem by doing it hurts the cause as youre not part of the solution but part of them problem this gets attention and this is capable of damaging trendy, so they are forced to do something, do u get it now?
  13. if you bring attention to the problem by doing it, then it hurts the cause u have no clue...
  14. Hey, i just found an exceptional Dragon Gun and thinking about using it. Im just not sure how useful it really is in the actual "metagame" of DD. Is there any negative thing beside the fact the gun does fire dmg? Whats the max sps and the max +projectiles (ive heard +2) on it? The big plus of the gun seems to be the ae dmg, which could be pretty useful - any other outstanding fact u guys know about? Is someone using this gun on a high lvl? Greetings, Uhu
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