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  1. how about tower specific control settings, "main target" (1st kill fly enemys in the area of tower) or (1st kill tankiest enemys)... (hope it is not a very bad english)
  2. i have 6 admission passes left and got all 16 items from carneval map, what can i do now?
  3. i can not open green chest/s, or change a hero (ps4)
  4. go in carneval to the ship there it works
  5. If i start a map i sometimes cant open a chest or change a character , i then saw the chest in stone textures(chest that i get if i completed the map)
  6. Your comparing apples to oranges. Trendy Entertainment is an indy game developer. Just because Square Enix implemented cross platform doesnt mean every othe developer has too. Oh they don't have to, all I am saying is it has been done and it is very much possible. You are correct that I am comparing apples to oranges, but that is what I am exactly trying to point out. If a much bigger game is able to do it, then it should not be as difficult to implement on a smaller scale game. I strongly believe cross-platform will generate them more profit and make it more fun for all players at the same
  7. yeah but how long did they need? and they have the same version of the game on ps4 still early alpha an pc alpha this game needs years before its done
  8. sorry i forgot to say, invite via: option button -> manage party -> go to your friend/invite
  9. if you cant join, just go in social tavern at "same time" and invite your friend (option button -> manage party -> go to your friend/invite) you need to do this in social tavern, maybe it take a few trys to find your friend in social tavern but it worked for me after 2nd time
  10. But did you looked? my tv changes the settings automaticly on a few games but the other games work fine
  11. i have no problems with this, maybe check your tv settings
  12. No problem :) we all want a game which gets better and better :)
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