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  1. Zephkiel, there is no more squire golden age (and we aren't returning to it), you just haven't found what the current "age" is ;)
  2. More creeps = more items = more "better" items. Though considering a lot of "better" items come from chests primarily I would say the overall effect is less better items. But there may be some features to account for the chest drops that I am not aware of.
  3. For everyone stating that Blizzard is terrible at balancing, please, suggest a company that does it better (they have more games than just wow), because compared to the rest, Blizzard balances well (over time). Username, just because you say my posts are contradicting and self destructive doesn't make it so, you are contributing nothing to this discussion and many people agree that these super nerfs are not how you balance, you adjust the balance slowly and precisely, not slap a big 75% nerf in there to see what happens (there are now incoming buffs btw).
  4. It started off as how Riot balances LoL (small nerfs over time and monitoring) to a silly discussion about silly stuff.
  5. Username, please stop posting useless troll posts like I said before, if you have something proper to say, then say it, else keep quite and move on yourself. That being said this LoL discussion is quite off topic and not about balancing within the game anymore.
  6. Yes, good but not the best. Like WW, good, but far from the best.
  7. Sangheiili, you are a stubborn idiot, everything you say is completely wrong about anything so far, WW is not a great jungle no matter how many bullet points you make about him, and your idiocy backed up by you saying nunu is the best counter jungle, which is also wrong. You are getting close to trolling and the only one making a fool out of himself is you. Also lets get back on topic, a 75%+ nerf is ridiculous.
  8. Stat generation is still random, it will be upgraded in the same manner that any other weapon will be, high base damage and high upg levels is still what you want regardless of level required.
  9. Riceboy, everything you said was so completely wrong that I can tell you are in bronze/silver/levelling, if you can't even spell xerath and claim WW is the best jungle, please don't try to contribute or at least look up what is actually used.
  10. No Username, you're trolling with posts like that, report me and be quiet if that's how you feel.
  11. Riot has gotten better at balancing, that is my point. There is no "tanky dps metagame" you are living in the past, look at champion pick distribution in major tournaments and you will see that save for a few champs, it's pretty damn balanced. Get your head out of your *** and suggest better companies. Yes Finaldeath, that's exactly what I was trying to say, except I don't personally enjoy complete specialization of classes, but that's for the devs to decide.
  12. Suggest other companies that are better with balancing if you disagree so much with Blizzard and Riot. I think you'll find that every company is **** at balancing because it's hard to do, Blizzard and riot are just some of the best of the worst.
  13. Attack rate was also nerfed by 25% Mandy, this multiplies with the damage and target nerfs to over 75% dps nerf. Sangheiili, you feelings are what cause you to call it terrancraft, but you are wrong. I told you to look at race distribution among the rankings, I cant take you seriously.
  14. Bronze league terrans are too hard for you. Why don't you stop spouting this bull**** and look at some stats about race distribution within the rankings, you might learn how wrong you are. Blizzard is good at balancing, Riot is good at balancing, you are bad at these games and blame imbalance.
  15. Oh it's Username, the guy that wants traps to do a measly 50% increased damage AoE, do you have any idea how OP that is?
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