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  1. New to DD2 here. I actually have three questions! (Questions in bold because I type A LOT.) First, is pet rarity/quality correlated to a Pet's strength? I've burned all of my rerolls on trying to figure this out and the answer seems to be "no." But, I'm unable to evolve any pets to see if the scaling for evolution is different depending on rarity yet. I've seen a lot of posts that hint that there is a power difference, and complain about cash shop pets getting a lower-than-legendary rarity. My second question is about Kobolds! Currently my boyfriend and I are trying to level, we're only level 37. He is a tower Squire and I am a DPS Huntress. Our current tower strategy boils down to some weak Blaze Ballons and Squire stuff. Because of this when we try Onslaught mode we have a LOT of trouble with Kobolds. So, would adding a trap Huntress, or a tower Apprentice, or both fix our Kobold problems? Finally, where did this skin come from?! http://tinypic.com/r/259y1e9/8 I can't find it at the Seamstress!
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