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  1. Guys lets not break out into war here, I simply asked if it would be possible to switch between the 2 taverns if the larger tavern update happens, honestly would not be that hard to do. I am completely for a new tavern but it would also be great if there were an option to keep the old one or switch to the old one whenever you wanted to. As Eagle said there could also be an option to just have a door that leads to the old tavern so the 2 of them are connected and the host can toggle the door being open or closed or something along the lines of that.
  2. May sound stupid asking but, what is a vortex set?
  3. A door which can be opened and closed just by the host? That could work
  4. As much as I do like the idea of a new tavern, there is just something that wont be the same if we take that away and replace it with something bigger, even if it is as close to the original as possible. I suggest with the new tavern that there be an option to switch back to the old school tavern so that people who like displaying their items can do so more effectively, but the people who like the old school tavern can still use the original skin.
  5. Ive been playing from week 1, I just came back after a 2 year break and am still getting back into the swing of things ;)
  6. Hey all! I'm just curious if there is a spreadsheet or something of the sort that tells you the stat ranges of items available to the public so we can know if an item we are buying it legit or not? The one thing I can think of is that hackers could abuse it to hack gear to the very top tier possible while i still looking legit.
  7. I completely agree with all of this, for a while now ww has been the toughest campaign map to beat (Until ember came around that is) and its drops beside coal are complete garbage besides the slight chance at a good pet.
  8. I actually got really into that when reading, you sir are quite the author! Keep it up
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