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  1. The problem with this is that builders are useless. Hero dps either needs to be cut in half, (terrible, but hero dps is TOO high) or buff builder dps. It's rather annoying that you realistically need 6 hero slots min, and hero deck slots due to the poor performance of traps.
  2. Select currency as a reward and yiu get WT's at wave 15/25/30 I believe. This is incorrect.
  3. After playing other classes, while the Huntress is still over tuned, the real problems seems to be...Monk. Monk offensive performance is very, very lack luster. Both in Hero damage and Tower damage. At this point, it seems all a monk is good for is this Boost Aura, thens witching back to an apprentice. Another issue is the daily "kill 3 specials" This is nearly impossible on anything other than a Huntress it seems. As you simply do not get kill credit, even if you solo the boss. Your towers must kill steal it as well? This should be changed to a group update.
  4. The Huntress is far, far too overpowered. Or, the Apprentice and Monk are highly under-powered. At this moment, I do not see a reason to play anything but a Huntress. My monk who is specializing in tower damage, I see his traps pale in comparison to a Huntress'. At best, even if they're doing similar damage, that still leaves the Huntress doing near double the hero damage.
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