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  1. Come on carver. You know free speech doesn't exist on this forum. I've asked you before, I'll ask again. Play nice, it's wearing thin. Do whatever you want. I made a few opinions that seem so bad that they've made you see evil in everything I post. What are you doing this time? Protecting the OP from.. oh people who disagree with him? I disagree with the OP. Do I get an infraction for that?
  2. You will have the STEAM achievements. However, the actual in-game trophies will not be there. The actual trophies are there..
  3. You cannot earn trophies when you do not own the DLC. I do not own a lot of dlc, but my friends do. I have the trophies from helping them.
  4. This thread is a major drain on my abilities so I will explain this the best I can. People making a macro to press G so they can afk in their own game instead of spending hour after hour at their computer screen. OP thinks he has the right to control the way others play their game by making a complaint thread like this in an attempt to get this "issue" taken care of. In what universe is this okay? I'm extremely offended by OP's actions in this thread just like people are offended when I come in and use free speech to defend something I do in my own game. If you would like to make me play
  5. What are you some goody two shoes who has updated version of paperback rule books? If I recall correctly paying for this game gave me the right to do whatever I want to do with it.
  6. I came here thinking this was an actual guide. I like reading guides. I'd just sell any hacked items to the venders. I take the mana as payment for my disposal service since trendy is incapable of dealing with the issues. Their "we are going to put this issue number one on our list" claim rang dull.
  7. I'd like an item check on this one http://steamcommunity.com/id/JavaMusic/screenshot/522655038156001877 That's not hacked. This must be your first time seeing a mythical.
  8. Thanks for that. That helps a lot... This will totally make people stop posting threads... You are a mod. You can delete threads. Though you are probably going to delete this one and leave the ban announcements.
  9. Meh, the entirety of the PC community runs the elitist trollsy path. I just try and have fun with it. also, "Friends don't let friends Pug" (or pub if ya feels the need to change acronyms :)) Really? The entire pc community? I'm sorry the console devs take too long to hand out patches.
  10. Seriously no. Don't make threads like these here. If you are vac banned or trendynet banned please send an email to [email]feedback@trendyent.com[/email] and state your case or you can talk about it here since it's already an established pit for hacking subjects. There is nothing good about publicly announcing your bans. You are most likely never going to get unbanned by VAC based on it's entire setup (greed under the guise of player defense.) and people will either make fun of you or spout some thick headed white knight shenanigans. The fact that you cheaters used free tools off youtu
  11. Like I said in the other thread. Don't post these threads. They only give white knights material to batch over. There is an email for you to send your inquiries for and a megathread already if you insist on making a scene.
  12. This is where technical limitations and people who cannot understand them causes a rave party of rage.
  13. This game will never. Ever. Get balanced. I couldn't even balance it. People's ignorant opinions seem to be getting in the way of the balancing on this game. This is why they have to try again every month.
  14. Don't come back here if you get vac banned. Just don't. I'm not a purity loving white knight, but you will only get trouble if you announce this here. The same **** happens on the steam forums. My favorite example in this thread is how Zenxacred compares customers to the hillbillies who get caught causing trouble in stores. Know why those people are on that stupid little website? Because they got caught being the one flaw in the customer is always right issue. The amount of entries on that website simply gives the illusion that everyone does that. These people will attack every post yo
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