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  1. Thanks, I just found that and was going to repost it. Thanks for the quick response.
  2. Did I miss something here? They reduced the quest for the amount of skeleton special enemies and incursions needed, I log on today and now it is set back the original criteria? Say it aint so Trendy! I was at 34/35 Skele and now you just trolled me.
  3. Exactly, I played DD1 and dd planner was a great tool, but not yet available for dd2. Last I recall though that is more about tower position than hero builds.
  4. Are there currently any good resources of different builds that people are running? Of course I agree with testing it out and seeing what works, however it would be nice to also see guides or build variations that people have had work in the past. I think overall it will help boost the community, especially with it going into open alpha.
  5. That's interesting, they jinxed themselves in the devstream talking about how they increased the ability to create games faster etc. Good for them though that they are getting that many people, but also screw them I want to play! lol
  6. Ive been getting the same for a couple hours now
  7. Just compare the amount of costumes and events and pets they have already showcased on PC. I think once there is a stable "release" and its not alpha/beta we will see a lot of this. Regardless, I still find it to be a fun game and you can see in patch notes that they do listen to the community, which is rare for a lot of companies to do now a days.
  8. 10-4, I am noticing that steam is dragging and not loading anything web/store related. Edit: It was a steam issue as I am able to connect now and it had to do with Steam finally fixing the connection on their end.
  9. 3101: Could not successfully authenticate with steam. Please try restarting the game. Contact support if the problem persists. I have restarted the game as well as my steam client and neither have fixed the error.
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