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  1. it's still rank 1. upgraded in open mode. not interested in lab runs. running until march 2nd.
  2. i'm not interested in lab runs. and not really sure what to expect in the way of offers. so i'll keep it available for 3 days here, see what happens. [ to end sat, march 1 ]
  3. SID: 〠 Ҡマץレレミら 〠 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/krylles/
  4. i'm anxious to get myself into april's wares. so i'll end this in 24 hours from this post unless there's a request to hold or a counter offer.
  5. i think you've straight up scared everyone away from these gloves.
  6. Setting a reserve @ 80 cubes ( or equiv... ) and will let this run until Feb 3... Currency/Equiv that I am accepting: Single Cap Diamonds - 8 cubes Double Cap Diamonds - 15 cubes DPS ult sets - 50-65 cubes Tower Ult sets - 45-55 Cubes Sup sets - 15 Cubes Thanks for looking, but you need to get back to defending an eternia crystal now.
  7. the next wave, balls are now doing 21,854 .... nothing new equipped.
  8. my new jester is at level 74, gave her some old mythic mail, and a stone's throw spear... she has 617 hero atk, and the spear shows 25917 ranged damage.... in nightmare, servants quarters, the projectiles are doing exactly 1,200 damage. why?
  9. generate yourself some mana tokens in the tavern services. when those sell, will go over the 600m softcap.
  10. yar! + remove the animation for characters switching at forge : / .
  11. report him here... thats the thing... use steam to take screenshots then figure out where screenshot was saved then come to forum then fill in form, upload shots. a button... would be nice. no need to tab out, etc. instant screenshot of equipped items, player names, etc.
  12. vac doesn't detect the ''Valuable member of the gaming community'' wearing a 90^ mythic hat with 60% phys resist.
  13. being so intricately woven into steamworks, can a button be implemented to report a player from my tavern, right by that kick button?
  14. experienced in 38e and now 38f. combat phase on shards maps framerate drops, and feels like my mouse is suddenly 2 dpi. literally have to pickup & adjust mouse 3 times to simply turn 180 degrees. this behavior doesn't exist in build phase. ati 6970, on catalyst 12.6, win7x64.
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