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  1. I like the idea behind it with the slow and the burn, I just think the damage needs a boost. The left click is cool. With the slow from that and from oiling strikes (replaced charged primary since it doesn't work with it), a bearkira (golden of course), and a serenity aura slow, you can make it so that mobs barely move while they burn. The only problem is that the damage isn't all that great. Also, the left click looks like it should have an AC style AOE on hit with the splash. I don't really get the right click. It's supposed to be a spray with a fast tick damage, but unless I've only seen b
  2. With the new monthly, I also wanted to add: Variants - I really like the idea of there being multiple colors for the same pet. Like the green vs blue dragolitch. Adds more collectability.
  3. Are we going to see more resolution options in the future, like 2560 x 1080?
  4. Well, when a mommy colossus and a daddy colossus love each other very much .....
  5. So the revamp of the pet system is something that's been talked about for a little while, but it's still probably a ways out. I wanted to see what ideas the community could come up with for a pet revamp. I've got a few thing I think would be cool. 1. Pet Abilities - Barring a handful of abilities, most don't have a huge impact to the game. I feel like part of this is because of lackluster damage, but I think it also has to do with the visuals. Ignoring the numbers aspect, I think pet abilities could really benefit from a vfx update. It wouldn't need to be anything huge, but just increasing
  6. I don't think there's going to be a local version. Hosting it server side prevents item and movement hacks. However, if you're having really high ping, there are other servers you can connect to. There's a drop down menu on the title screen where you can choose a region to connect to a closer server.
  7. Thanks! I'm sure I remember them saying it was built to be soloable, and I'm pretty sure I did it solo. Nice to know it's still doable though.
  8. Is the temple of necrotic secret still doable, or was it just for the special event incursion? Also, does anyone remember how to do it solo?
  9. Yeah, I was running something similar with a full frosty build, but right now I actually don't have frosties in my build, so no frozen enemies to shatter :/ For the most part, I don't have any issues. I mean, I am just starting out, but as I've been gearing up, my HPs been changing between 30-33k. If it's a kobold heavy wave then I start to need to pull back and heal, but when 1-2 combos can kill an enemy and you've got ghosts + purge evil going on, things tend to die pretty fast if they're grouped up. Also, I'm spamming heroic wave with 1-2 cd spheres, so there's a bit of healing (and part
  10. Thanks. If you're pulling off the dps in the picture consistently thats pretty crazy, that's just my biggest spike. But yeah, it's with poison tips in a serenity. I go full HD with the large sphere that boosts your right click for every melee hit (Crane Stance I think?). Using a light polearm, you can get 6 hits in then cancel the animation from your melee combo into right click before the last hit and basically get a 100k+ combo finisher. Takes some practice to get the timing but it's worked well for me so far.
  11. Yup, it's the galactic weapon from the present a few months back. It's actually got the same passive as the spooky weapon, so you're not wrong :P
  12. So I've been building a dps monk for a while now, and I kind of just want some input on what sort of dps numbers I should be looking for. I'm currently sitting at an even 600 ipwr working my way into nm4. With just the monk (no pets/serenity) I can average around 90k on the dummy. If I throw poison tips in there it hits ~130k-140k for the duration of the ability, and if I have a serenity on top of that(which I typically use in my builds anyway) it comes out to around 165k-175k (but I've seen peaks of 200k+). I guess I'm just asking how this stacks up to other dps heroes, and what kind of numb
  13. can you post proof for the "exclusiv pet" part? it was a monthly pet. now its a monthly pet again. maybe iam wrong, but can you explain and proof which pets are "back and forth over exclusive"? you have 2 dracolich, (so you got one for free without doing ANYTHING) and now you are complaining that others can get a second too? jesus is here one player left who can post feedback without insulting, without raging, without being an elitist? edit: iam pretty sure i understood something wrong in the post from roboticaust (lack of english) Yes, I have the illustrious golden drac and the mont
  14. I think it should just get added to Betsy's drop table :D
  15. I'm not an expert, but I can try to help out. Gold Farm: As far as I know, the best way to farm gold is using a sphere you buy in the store. It's the one that makes it so that enemies killed by your hero have a chance to drop 100 gold. You combine that with the sphere that increases gold picked up as well as having the jackpot passive (additional gold picked up) on all your equipment. Then you can pick an easy map and kill everything with your hero to fill the map with bags of gold. Not sure which map or mode is best though. Uber Sphere: I mean, mandatory is a pretty strong word. You don't HAV
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