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  1. So right now I am leveling my Gunwitch on Harbinger Warship hard. Sometimes (random) the Harbinger does not despawn after a wave and is still attacking and damaging the Core. I can not deal damage to the Harbinger, if I start the next wave he ports to his next spawn area and I can go on.
  2. I don´t really have a favourite build. But I like everything that is more meant to be a fun build and not in the "meta".
  3. Why do I have to wait so long after killing Harbinger until the chests spawn?
  4. It happened more than one time. Does not attack the core. Can not be killed disappears at the end of a round.
  5. Why don´t i get Shellium Shards anymore? Did they patched them out?
  6. Hey so I got back to the game yesterday and want to do the Monthly Mission. I know how to farm the Environment Kills but struggle on the Ability Kills since I don´t have a DPS hero. Any tips? My iPWR is <200 :S
  7. Hey, I am not quite sure what spheres i should look out on my monk, trap huntress, wall squire and Frosty Apprentice. They all look not that usefull :S
  8. Didn´t complete the Monthly challenge at all yet-still got the pet in my mailbox! Bug? But thank you anyways :D
  9. Thank you very much, I just bet the campaign and there was so much new stuff to play. And I didn´t know what to do best.
  10. So, somehow i lost track on the spawn door icons. Is there a sheet which shows what mobtype is what icon? :D Thank you
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