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  1. I would like the idea of something like an Auction House. Kinda like in Spiral Knights. It works wonders, honestly.
  2. I tried reaching round 15 in Onslaught to get a golden egg, but I got so bored after the 8th, that I just quit to desktop. Trying to get any good rewards in Onslaught just isn't worth your time. I would suggest one of these: - Decreasing the good drop from round 15 to round 10 - Scrap the waves, 1 round = 1 wave - Implementing a scaling reward system every 5 rounds, e.g. for pets, round 5 yields an egg with 15% chance of being golden, round 10 an egg with 30% chance of being and round 15 guaranteed golden egg. (numbers are just an example)
  3. I only ever had one piece of gear with HB/HH/DH. They're blue gloves that dropped from nm3 inc. I did manage to see quite a few items with HH/DH, though sadly not as Squire.
  4. Oh it's just bugged? phew. I thought they patched it so it couldn't be possible to have hearty blockade on a shield. I'm using a really old legendary shield with crappy stats just to have that extra 5% xD
  5. Reaching level 50 is the last quest in the game, it should have unlocked it then
  6. Well obviously the much larger library of games, the fact that you can build a very powerful PC for the price of one Mac, the Mac's hardware is only suited to office tasks and some media tasks, and so on and so on... It's only logical. A mac isn't for gaming. It's for working.
  7. Did I say that I hate Mac? Did I? Because I use one for work.
  8. Everytime a skele boss spawns, a random tower kill steals it ;~;
  9. It's not available for Mac. But honestly, I wouldn't use a Mac for any games. And I'm not joking. Macs are far superior for business and work stuff, but absolutely crap for gaming.
  10. Can confirm, it's running smoothly on Win10 Pro. Maybe you could describe your problem? Or provide more details?
  11. Hello everyone, I came here through the recommendation of a friend, and wanted to see if I could jump in DD2 without playing the previous instalments. In short, I installed the game, played it, and suddenly lost track of time. I couldn't stop playing. Lately, I've been having enough of bloody, gory, violent games so I was trying to find a more relaxed game. Spiral Knights has been my fix for 4 years, but I think it's time to put it aside, and make way for DD2. I've had a really good first impression and experience, so let m lay down the positives and the negatives as a newcomer to the series:
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