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  1. I'm honestly not that well-versed in end-game, min/max potential, so I can't say for certain. I just think that I've seen posts around that basically said "if you want walls, use actual walls (barricades)". If I'm wrong, someone more experienced should correct me.
  2. From what I've read, it basically makes your dart towers have lots of health, but if you're using it as a wall, you might as well just grab a Squire and place barricades instead.
  3. This might be a dumb question, but why shouldn't we do Betsy? Does she simply give crap rewards or something? And thank you for the info. I just hit 50 with my first character today, so having this nice To-Do list will help as I continue my journey.
  4. I find that the Gold Sphere IV (15% chance for enemies killed by heroes to drop 100 gold) works very well, and will pay for itself in no time, as long as you get yourself involved in the fighting. Note that enemies killed by other heroes can trigger this gold for you, as well. The 100-gold-on-kill and 30%-more-gold do not stack. When a target dies, it drops 10 sacks of 10 gold, regardless of other Gold Spheres equipped.
  5. damage increases with power level (though compared to hero and tower dps, its negligible) empowerment stats increase with affection level what ability did you roll? most (if not all) scale with hero damage, so non dps heroes wont get as much use out of pet abilities theres a few to look out for... imo as a ranged dps: gato fireworks (highest recorded single target dps) or lil betsy projectile (third highest single target with curse -damage reduction- utility) as a tank/waller 'fight me not' squire: curse aura as a builder: anything with utility, so something that curses to reduce enemy damage, something with fire damage to ignite oiled enemies, something to slow enemy movement, something to protect towers etc, just not a simple damage ability (although if you dont plan to have them out in combat, just go for whatever suits your hero best) theres a lot of 'trash' abilities that arent worth using unless you have nothing better though I have a legendary Jaderagon with Fire Breath. Turns out it does deal damage; it just doesn't work on target dummies. Thank you, and Zuqual, for the information. Maybe once I feed it and level up its affection more, it will be more noticeable.
  6. Hello, new player here. After watching the latest devstream and balance changes, pets seem to be somewhat of a large part of the game. However, all I've seen them as is a negligible dps increase, and just a bunch of extra stats, same as any other piece of gear. Cute as they may be, and collecting could be fun, is there something I'm missing here? Disclaimer: I have only evolved one pet (just found out about having to rot eggs to get the materials needed), its ability doesn't even work. and I didn't even notice any stat increases.
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