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  1. Everything about classes must be moved to the class forum! And everything about items must be moved to the trade forum! Oh wait, you just killed general discussion... ---------------------------- General Dungeon Defenders General Dungeon Defenders discussion for all platforms EXCEPT mobile. NO restrictions, dont be a ****ing ****.
  2. i'm sure there's a better approach, i'm just stating the huge change post patch. What change, son? SnD received a health buff, so did bouncers... Whats your point?
  3. Come on guys, show some love for this idea!
  4. Come on guys, show some love for this idea!
  5. Yea! But, please, for the love of god, show us ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL servers, not only the ones on our region! And show us the full servers too! O_O
  6. Did you know there's a search function on this forum?
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