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  1. Graphic intensity? Yeah maybe too intense for the PS3 as you may already be aware but the PS4 is significantly greater than previous gen, Baring in mind this is Pre-Alpha release, the game will change a lot before the full release where I can guarantee they will have 4 player like DD1. You know this really sucks. I have DD1 on PC, xbox 360 and PS3 and DD2 on PC. The biggest plus to this game was the 4 player local co op. That seems to be forgotten about these days and Im surprised all those freaking lego games hasnt added 4 players yet. Getting back on track why does every new console gen c
  2. Steam has a cloud save feature and then there always manually backing up your files. Search the forums for them its been discussed before. If you dont know how to search the forum i find google site searches better. "site:http://forums.trendyent.com backup save" some thing like that.
  3. This is all theoretical I haven't tested it, but it should work. You would need to have a VM running with another OS and steam running on that CPU. I.e. I have a win 7 machine and run a virtual machine (VM) of win xp in it using virtualbox. I can put that other Virtual PC on my second monitor and sign in with another steam account there which of course means you should be able to download Dungeon defenders on second computer(VM). I havent ever tried running 2 games at once but I dont see why it wouldnt be possible with the VM approach if your hardware could handle it.
  4. I thought the same thing but I think I finally realized why it happens. On the last patch when they added summoner controller support my controls got reset. I re applied my backup setting so I didnt have to reconfigure everything again. About an hour or two into gaming I decided to switch to a controller instead of mouse+key. My callout menu wasnt working so I couldnt place towers. I then noticed it wasnt working with mouse+key either (I was placing with hotkeys on keyboard so I didnt notice this earlier). I began to start troubleshooting. First I re validated my files cause I thought someth
  5. You should complain about why it takes 30 waves to get a pet whereas if you finish 30 waves on another map your walking away with at least 2. Im still pissed off that I finished wave 30 on insane (7k+ waves on last few with 3 players) and that didn't unlock survival for the level then i beat the normal level and it still didn't unlock survival. As far as join during the wave, IM pretty sure someone i was playing with adding another toon before the wave ended and got 2 rocks.
  6. Work likes a charm. I got to 21 with no damage before i fell asleep. I did like Steph said and shrunk the 3 du reflection to 2x1 du. I got rid of the physical beam near the bowling ball leading to the crystal and replaced it with a gas trap and magic blockade. I will do again sometime when i have the time to finish. Only thing I hate are the fluctuating waves. Think wave 17 or 18 was like 2900+. Wave 21 was 2500+.
  7. The 7.36b patch notes "Overlord Mode fixed Control-Click functionality (Ctrl Left Click to add units to selection, Ctrl-Right Click to go into Offensive Move)" Ive been trying and its not working for me on 7.36c. Anyone else experiencing this? Also is this suppose to work with drag selections?
  8. This was what broke me into nm and got me mana. can make over 600m a run http://ddplanner.com/?l=5204,survival-nmhc-mm-or-normal
  9. Just at the title to the thread. Not sure where to put this one. Also how bout the ability to deselect everything in the filter option so you can then pick the ones you want instead. I think that would be alot quicker than having to deselect everything you dont want.
  10. ive been having intermittent issues joining games too and people cant join my games but some not all. cant seem to join any of my friends games right now.
  11. Yeah i found that out the hard way. Makes it really hard to get mana in overloard mode. I thought minion damage would get mana with genies equipped but quickly found out how wrong I was, hell I wish they would allow it.
  12. I was going to suggest you do that. Thats how I ended up taking out the kraken with the help of a friend. He ran into a corner and blocked while his seahorse steadily took out the boss. I repaired slighty and let my djinn help out a little. Whever i get some im going to eventually find a better seahorse (got a 303^ one with negs to tower stats) see http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?62950-Discuss-Countess-the-other-white-Monk
  13. The summoner class was a bold choice, and currently Im just using him and point defence to extend survival a couple waves. To suddenly add a new genre to a game is unheard of. DD is now a Tower defence/action/rps/rts. When i originally heard of the summoner class I was thinking more along the lines of Necromancer ala Diablo 2 and I was looking forward to it. This kinda synced up to what the gameplay mechanics are. Now that its an RTS type i guess its going more towards tower defence which is fine. My other issue is all the features dont work on the controller. I was a straight controll
  14. This may be lengthy maybe not. I have a degree in game programming so I know a little bit. Also I have been playing dungeon defenders since it was dungeon defense. I have over 400 hours in game. Dont take this bad Trendy this game rules. Theres a reason I have so many hours in it. New games come and go (Diablo 3) but DD still has me hooked. 1) In game design we went over what makes gamers play games. What is there motivation? This being said the longer you play a game you should feel like you accomplish something. DD is terrible at this. Like I said I have been playing this game alot bu
  15. Has anyone been able to beat Kraken using a controller. I know there have been countless threads about auto aim on the controller but i dont know if they ever made an option to disable it yet. I cant even aim for its tentacles because of the stupid auto aim always going dead center. Then I gotta deal with horrible camera angles and I get auto killed by some homing fireball across the damn map that I can even see. Can you go in first person mode with the controller? I know you can with mouse keyboard by zooming all the way in. Figure it would be just another right stick click to do it,
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