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  1. I don't understand why we can have retries on every single map except for the one that happens to take forever to build, has lag issues (atleast for me), bad pathing issued, and is by far the most frustrating. Oh it is also the only map in onslaught that is you don't want to play it reroll won't save you. Please add retries to this even if they exclude omega waves. This is my least favorite map by far and failing on wave 5 because of lag issues or pathing does not make me want to continue climbing, it makes me want to put down the controller and walk away.
  2. So, every time I play a private game it suddenly becomes public and anyone can join...great, I thought as I could always use new friends to play with. I was wrong, the people who are joining my once private and uncontrollably public games are players who que up too fast, don't que up at all, or have a mysterious and acute illness because all I hear is coughing through their mic. I don't mind playing public games, I don't mind helping others out, but when you have a game mode like onslaught that requires careful and precise placement of towers and I have people joining who give me the sense tha
  3. Another update, jacked sparrow is an easy map but is intimidating at first due to its size. Also looks like they are still shoving ancient temple down our throats and that we will be forced to play that map in onslaught (don't know how often yet)
  4. boom mods took a big hit, WM took a decent hit it is not quite as OP anymore but still a useable tower, archers look to have gotten a big boost to their base dps mine went up by nearly 1m. have not tried bees yet had planned for a big nerf to them so I had prepped to be dryad free for this update.
  5. Am not even certain what class that costume is for. would assume squire? but could be barb as well?
  6. shocking revs is not the only good unique mod. Shatterquake turns your earthshatter towers from single target to aoe which is very powerful and the lavamancer one is actually fairly strong as well, have not done much testing with harpies, ballista or ramster yet
  7. Would be great if we could get some type of ingame warning when servers are coming down so we don't get too caught up in our games, it feels like every time servers come down I am on wave 4 in the middle of a shard grind and it is obnoxious.
  8. The way proactive traps works currently is the benefits reset when the tower is upgraded which means it is useless unless you 1) don't intend to upgrade traps or 2) intend to build a trap and fully upgrade it before start of game. Either way explosive traps are useless enough as they are they don't need their mod being equally as useless.
  9. boost auras and nodes are in dire need of improvement the boost they actually give is minimal compared to their cost and that drain aura mod does little to nothing. would love to see every tower have some sort of use we need more mods that slow, stun or knockback enemies.
  10. Looking to buy a couple 6/10 + meele boom servos , 7/10+ lingering hellfire, 1x c8 Ampule, 1x 7/10+ anti ranged servo
  11. I wouldn't say you are massively penalized, you lose out on some xp and legendaries
  12. I keep seeing this "your ideas don't benefit me so they are worthless attitude" on these forums. Trendy is trying to make the game better for everyone, if you don't like playing with other people because they are too slow then play solo, advanced multiplayer is good for the community and good for bringing new players in which we need.
  13. Couldn't agree more, cyborks are too much at the moment, you get too many per lane and they shoot their emp in every direction sometimes even hitting traps nodes and auras in other lanes.
  14. Testing on live maps is an issue because it does not give you the numbers, yes in a sense you can see if something is effective or not however it is impossible to tell how effective without numbers.
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