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  1. Will dungeon defenders have Trophy Support on full release? As a Trophy hunter it will be the icing on the cake for me especially if it includes that glorious Platinum.
  2. I've just spent the past 30 minutes chipping away at an ogres health that was stuck at spawn along with a few other enemies. I managed to get an angle on them where I could hit them with chi blast but I had to boost my way up the spawn wall. Happened twice, same game. Map: Forgotten Ruins. It was the middle spawn straight ahead when you spawn in. I'm on Ps4.
  3. I got mine just a few hours ago on nm1 on gates of dragonfall from a random enemy .
  4. Would in be possible in a future update to see player levels in the tavern? or even their ipwr? It Would make it a little easier to group up with people . Instead of randomly inviting players hoping to get someone that's in your level range.
  5. Why did the Monk cross the road? Because he was stapled to the Chicken.
  6. Where do you get Shellium Shards to evolve your pets? I only have one and have no idea how i got it.
  7. But voice chat would still be there if text chat is added if you don't wanna use it,then don't.
  8. Text chat can work for dd on console. Of course using in the middle of a wave might not be the best thing to do. You could use it during the build phase and you could even use it during a wave i suppose, if you've got abit of breathing room. It will help with matchmaking too by shouting for players in the tavern Look at dcuo and ffarr on console, they both have chat and it works fine. They're games that need more communication than dd too. Dont want a chat box cluttering your screen? A minimize option can help with that.
  9. I posted because I believe the PS4 development will follow the same path out of pre-alpha as PC. Our kick is still the same. I'm such an elitist I spent time to try and help a fellow player on PS4. Did you misread my post? I said it would be nice to give the host control but the ISSUE IS IT COULD BE ABUSED. None of my post says people should play my way or not at all. There is a quote button below the post so you can reference a particular thing. I was talking to op.
  10. Lol this made me chuckle. So you're basically saying everyone should play your way or not at all? Typical elitist
  11. Have the same problem. I don't think you can buy the accessories yet :( but i think they're coming in the Ps4 Hotfix
  12. Ive earned the required amount of exp and have the gold its asking me for but no matter how many times i press X to buy nothing happens. Are outfit upgrades currently locked on Ps4? I grinded my ass off to get the ninja outfit accessories.
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